The Joy of Work

Got some more products for Ina underway.  I think I would like to add a bunch of logo based products to some of the print-on-demand lines and maybe actually add the link to the website as things are a bit bitty at the moment.  (I started a project with Wolfe’s face on VIDA, and haven’t done any more with it.

Working on the screenplay for my film director ex, who is now sitting downstairs with fake Boris and DOING MY HEAD IN with nagging.  This is the hazard of making people well, really, isn’t it?

We need to establish that the camera is talking to the computers this morning too.

It is so nice to be able to make some progress.  I actually feel physically better as a result.  Managed to get 12k in yesterday.

Now aware of being unpleasantly besotted with the IBM, but being able to think about it without actual terror is a huge relief.

I wish I could say that I am a more cool and disengaged person generally as it would probably make my workflow less erratic, but I do seem to be a bundle of emotional nerves generally and it is probably quite central to my work.

A more interesting IBM short story is on the way, possibly today, but we shall see how it goes with the screenplay and sorting out the camera issues before I think about getting the car back.

Trying to think how best to approach getting better at the actual job.  I evidently have issues with the process.  It ought to be obvious, but my brain is not liking it, so I have to think around the problem.  I am sure I will think of something before my return to work.

So happy to be at home.  I looked into the alternatives yesterday, and short of buying a very cheap aircraft hangar, I am afraid I, and indeed anyone, would rather be here.  The selfish little shits will just have to spend their own money rather than mine.

And so begins the mammoth and obstacle ridden journey towards being Ina Disguise whilst persuading the IBM of my sometimes honorable intentions.




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