One tongue left

I have a little extra work to do on the penultimate tongue, and one more tongue to do when I return to my spot next weekend.

Seem to have run out of work for the software giant and still waiting to hear about two or three new jobs.

In the meantime, I am trying to develop a couple of other plans, so today I went to another branch of my favourite coffee shop to scope it out.  I am satisfied that there is room for the new idea.

I think what I learned from the Haram Bawbag episode is that my standards are significantly higher than the level I have mistakenly gone for.  I am still probably not doing what I should be doing, however it is better to do things for people who don’t expect it and who might possibly appreciate it, rather than wasting time on people who appreciate nothing and have absolutely no clue what commitment or knowledge is.

I am going to see if I can find the glass dude tomorrow, as he does not seem inclined to call me.  If that doesn’t work, I can go to one of the back up suppliers as I cannot move the real Haram Bawbag on until I have the glass in my hot little hands.

Swithering over the Trishul issue, as I had to deal with a few other problems in the meantime.

Once I have finished the french knots and eye of Shiva I have to do next, I will be working on the small bag and shoe collection, so I still have a lot to do regardless of anything else.

Now I need to sift through tripadvisor and find a suitable photograph to work from.  I may be some time.

Feeling a bit sick and ill, but I think it is probably just the after effects of being terrorized by a nutter.

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