So, recently I have dated a few people and one of those people was a very nice 28 year old.

Unfortunately he was unable to keep up with me, so I had to say no thank you.

I haven’t exactly been a power house for the last year or so, so this was nothing to do with activity. It was to do with outlook.

I have no interest in sitting quietly worrying about what other people think, and he does.  I have no interest in sitting waiting for a date whenever it suits him, he thinks that is normal. He made various comments which made me understand immediately that it would never work because I am creative and he is not.

He is still calling me a couple of months later, because he would like this to work out and I was a bit cross when I finished it. If I was his age I would probably be calling him a stalker.

Thankfully he is in a different city, and I have most recently dated a surgeon from the emirates, who surprisingly I got on really well with. I have tried a variety of countries across the Middle East, and so far UAE is actually coming across rather better than the rest, Libya obviously being the worst.  My ex from Dubai remarked that bawbag sounded like a donkey.

It is a shame the inventor/apple geek was a conservative, because otherwise we would have got on. As it was he was just a rude and rather old man.

Anyway I seem to have settled on orthodox Jewish as not working, moderate Muslim works much better.  Still no Hindu takers, but my experience of Hindus is that they are very right wing so this is likely to not work either (sorry Little Shiva) The one Pakistani Christian that I dated was actually the worst of the lot, total hypocrite.

So that is how things are going.  Busy at the moment otherwise.


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