Vaxxed- banning is good promotion

Vaxxed – caveats

I have no children, since my life has not followed a path providing the necessary capital. The only person I would have seriously considered children with does not want to know me, even if he did I am not in a position to drop everything and get knocked up.
I do not have any interest in your choices in regard to vaccination, so there is no point in sending vitriolic bullshit in regard to what I will be saying about this topic.
I am not particularly anti-science, although I do have a positive attitude to alternative health as a result of poor response from doctors, who I have lost a measure of respect for over the years of dealing with my own health and the health of others.
Doctors at first response level do a lot of administration and are presented with guidelines, which many are inclined to follow slavishly, just like everybody else.

Today, in a decision making reversal lasting all of 20 or so hours, Robert de Niro announced that he would not be showing Vaxxed at the Tribeca film festival.  That is the decision he has come to, and I am sure there will be continuous heated debate as to what has caused his sudden reversal in attitude. I am not particularly interested in engaging in that either.


Here is what my experience of the last few years has taught me.


The public are superstitious.  They appear to believe that the word science conveys some sort of magic in terms of rightness and wrongness.  One website I visited prior to writing this announced that




This itself, is an unscientific and incorrect premise.


I hate to be the one pointing this out, but science is much like statistics.  Science requires funding.  The payer of the piper calls the tune in terms of the parts of the research released, which reflects the bill payer.  To view examples of this, one must simply bring to mind the number of conflicting pieces of advice about diet that are published every day, on a variety of websites.  As I said many years ago, you could easily argue that cream cakes were superfood if you listed the nutritional properties.


Andrew Wakefield’s life has been ruined by his attempts to alert people to a topic he clearly believes in.  He is still engaged in legal wrangling with the BMJ, and he is still trying to tell people that MMR is not a good vaccine.  I am not sure what people imagine his motives for doing this would be, other than clearing a name which has already been destroyed.  Would he not be better to quietly get on with an alternative life and save himself the time and money?  Calling him a con-man merely makes the opposition’s case even weaker, since they are clearly threatened by his information.


I, for one, will be watching Vaxxed, which has received some welcome publicity from this move by Tribeca.  I want to hear what Andrew Wakefield has to say.  They also trashed his name here in the UK.  If you had any knowledge of how medical hierarchies and medical sales work, you would watch it too. If you had any understanding of how whistleblowers are dismissed, you would also want to hear what he has to say.


I am not sure why the public would be so ready to believe that voodoo magic science, paid for by governments and organisations which are themselves unduly influenced by sharp suits and corporate money,  would prove that a highly trained individual would blacken his own name to release information to them. From the trailer, I see a man showing me statistical analysis.  Having worked with statistics, I can tell you that you can argue about what they show for several years, or you can decide what line you wish to take in an argument. It is all about the presentation.


This is yet another example of what you have to look forward to as an unfree citizen of a corporate state.  The education system, social networks, media and the advertising that you buy into every day will tell you what and how to think.  You will become lazy, like these people who think science is magic, and you will be only too happy to accept a scapegoat rather than think for yourself.


It is really up to you what you choose to believe, but the fact that so many people are so vicious about their superstitions in regard to information which is bought, lobbied and paid for, tells me that the world has a bleak future.  Thank goodness I have no children to worry about.  The minute any doubt whatsoever was expressed about MMR, they should have returned to separate vaccines until the doubt was cleared up.  Instead they destroyed one man, who is still trying to show you why he doubted in the first place.


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