The Difference between Boris and I

Ok so it is time for a round up before BJ gets back to work.  Here is why I think you should resign, Boris.

Our story starts in March, because March is when I became aware that Covid19 was going to be an actual problem, instead of being more like SARS and H1N1, which turned out to be faraway problems and not part of my life at all.

Anyway back in mid March, I wrote this for Boris.  I like to entertain him when he drops by for his now and again cheer himself up visits. As you can see I am not particularly lovey about it, but Boris and I have a similar reading history in early life, so that is why I like to indulge him.  It’s not much fun being me.  You would need to ask him whether this is particularly amusing or not, he would probably deny knowing anything about it.  (he does and has done since 2016)

The Demise of Lucifer Ogilvie

We also share a similar background in terms of the level of seriousness of politics, although I am about to demonstrate that our interpretation of that is very different, also due to upbringing.  He is all about the power, I am all about the responsibility.  This is the last attempt I am going to make to knock some sense into his head before he heads back out, attempting to resolve the requirements of donors, party, civil service and his DUTY TO THE ACTUAL FUCKWITS THAT VOTE TORY.

Anyway, so in mid March we get our first inkling that this is serious.  I had been thinking life was a bit too nice, but I did not have any idea it was anything to do with the virus.

Boris, however had known for a month or so by that time, and had failed to attend five COBRA meetings despite the imminent global pandemic that he must have figured out was going to show a clear comparison of healthcare systems across the world.

There is a reason for this fuck up of mammoth proportions.  Coordinating with the most punitive healthcare system in the world – the USA, would be one of them. I will demonstrate the others as we go in bold.So our first point of divergence would be not attending those meetings. If I was fortunate enough to be Boris, I would have been there.

At this point Cummings attending the SAGE meetings would also be relevant.  If you cared about public health, would you send a batshit crazy eugenicist megalamaniac to attend the meetings of some socially hindered scientists in order to later claim to be following science that does not exist?

Herd immunity was already known at that time to be a myth.  China had already reported that reinfection had occured more than once, I have not bothered to check the other countries who have been far more competent than the UK in regard to this.  Were I in Boris’s position, I would have been paying more attention to my responsibilities rather than leaving it in the hands of this clearly hate fuelled person whilst bonking my girlfriend.

Then we have the hand shaking at the hospital.  Boris at this points pretends not to know any of the science, nor has he apparently done the afternoon of research that I did when I realised this was going to be a problem.  During the course of this afternoon, I quickly realised that the information we were being presented with by the WHO and in fact our own government was spurious to say the least.  eg.  Vitamin C was being used to treat the virus in hospitals, but the public was not to take any vitamin C.  Everyone in the Wuhan videos were wearing masks and visors, we were being told it was no use.

So, I surmised, the clues as to whether you had the virus were probably wrong too.  Sure enough, when I looked up the anecdotal evidence from people who had actually had the virus, a fever and cough are quite far along into the virus, and at this time nobody knew how long you incubated it.  They still don’t tell you anything about incubation, or how long you have had the virus by the time you realise it.

From this I figured out that the information we were given was being given for a reason.  Clearly they want us to have a poor immune system, which most of the UK has anyway due to our crap diet and entertainment habits, further they want us to infect each other.  There is also a clear policy within government not to wear masks, which makes no sense at all when the virus is respiratory and airborne.

Boris then goes back to bonking the girlfriend, with no regard for her or her unborn baby.  This is what they want us to believe.  He also apparently goes to some lengths to infect as many people as possible.  This is not following even the science they are punting to us. The minute he had shaken hands with infected people and staff he should have been in full protective gear, as I was when my friend coughed in my car and announced he had the virus, which he probably picked up from one of his many medical appointments.

He then goes into isolation and demonstrates that they are capable of working from home, but apparently require cash to do so.  To be super-fair about this, he did actually look worse than I was at any stage, thanks to my unreasonably healthy diet. No sign of a mask or PPE to demonstrate to the public what appropriate behaviour is.

The doctors treating Prince Charles and Boris also seem to have had rather hazy ideas about what is correct. We have not been explicitly told in this country, but other countries reported only 70% accuracy with the tests and in no way should you assume seven days after having the virus or one day after being in ICU that you are clear of it.  Any sensible person takes precautions on infecting others regardless, as I did when I was infected by my friend.

Another question is why did he get a test when NHS staff and the public could not and were refused hospital places at this time?  A young mother died hours after she was refused medical help, so why would a moderately ill and otherwise healthy man who ‘is following the science’ get treatment and testing? Matt Hancock is another case of this.

Anyway even by mid-March ISIS had advised suicide bombers to avoid crowded places due to the pandemic, and we were not yet in lockdown.  This was for a few reasons, but to be honest I completely understand why you would want the schools open as it affects the level of NHS staff.

The other reasoning behind this is that Boris is now trying to implement the imaginary herd immunity whilst the public and media catch on to the death involved in this plan, which Cummings was clearly aware of because we have to assume that SAGE are not complete morons behind closed doors.

One feature of this episode, here and in the USA, is that scientific and medical heirarchy is not particularly helpful on unknown territory such as this.  Neither is racism, and we are still buying into that when we refer to suing China or blaming China for a virus they clearly did not inflict on themselves.

The public are now going mental, fighting over toilet paper, verbally abusing people for wearing masks, hospitals and carehomes alike are already showing signs of lacking PPE or advice to use it and all this before lockdown starts on March 23rd, my reasoning for this is detailed above, his reasoning for this is maximising the number of infected people and NHS staff. They even said they didn’t want to do it too soon.

I had been wittering on about PPE for a week by this time, no sign of any action being taken.  Boris, in the meantime makes a speech about ‘taking that risk’ and the ‘death of your loved ones.’  This is nothing to do with science and everything to do with the assumption that Tory voters are voting for the death of ‘useless eaters.’

On March 28th even tory voters were bitching about NHS procurement, a problem we now know was actually the problem of SCCL, a company created by Matt Hancock to ‘oversee’ and presumably take a cut of all NHS purchases via his procurement system.  Several companies offered to provide PPE and were ignored.  Of 8000 companies contacting the government only 157 were regarded as big enough by Matt Hancock, so he had absolute control over this and how the regions were being served. Several rabid tories claiming no issues with PPE, several NHS staff at the same time risking their jobs by saying not enough is being provided.

Then we have the issue of ventilators, again we had suppliers ready to deliver, but they preferred to give Dyson a blank cheque to design new ones, which they have since cancelled the orders for since they are killing enough people in care homes.

April the first there is a report that over 75s are not to be treated and are to be allowed to die in carehomes.  Since then, we have reports of carehomes being asked to take people from hospitals, encouraging yet more infection.  Still no sign that care workers are adequately protected. The disabled at home are also sent forms effectively declining medical treatment, which I have since advised people to rip up.

On the bright side, the government did manage at the end of March to check how many burial spaces there would be that they could fill.

Even after lockdown, no directive to cover up carers and NHS, far less actually providing PPE being regarded as an important issue, is done until April the 2nd, by which time tens of thousands more people are infected and it becomes clear that not all deaths are being counted in England, which is the only country in the UK incorrectly reporting death statistics.

By April 10th I began to suspect that this was targetted eugenics, not just on the grounds of age and health status, but how you vote.

By April 13th I had been verbally abused so much in the street as a result of my essential worker status that I retired from that job as the shop I was working in were not only failing to protect themselves but their customers and the external staff, of which I was one.  People have apparently been trying to read information that they cannot effectively digest or make use of, as the owner of the business had sent me several articles indicating that he understood the potential for conspiracy, but did not actually understand that the bottom line is if you don’t want to play along with the tories, you cover your mouth and avoid spreading the virus.  I was not planning on waiting until these idiots killed their elderly relatives because they wouldn’t wear PPE.  This is why I had requested several times via the blog that the PPE issue was paramount.  Had he taken my advice, lockdown would be far shorter, but they wouldn’t kill so many useless eaters. I even went as far as questioning the WHO about this, not that I will get an answer.

Instead of actually protecting people, they have gone with a policy of concealing the actual number of deaths by failing to report the slaughter in care homes, by putting everyone involved in terrible danger, and in delaying the provision of PPE so that Matt Hancock can negotiate his cut.

Other things they have been charged with, like failing to test and trace, aren’t relevant if your aim is to use herd immunity as a cover for killing the disabled and elderly.  Everyone knows the lack of tory regard for non-working members of the community.  We have Sir Iain Duncan Smith to thank for that.  They are approaching 200k deaths now, most of which IDS got his knighthood for.

It has become clear that apart from making use of some rather submissive scientists who seemed to be avoiding doing any independent work, they also plan to use racism against China as weapons to defend themselves.  If I was Boris or Matt Hancock I would get out of this situation, as it is very clear what they were doing.

Here are my further issues with the NHS tracking app, gathered today:  Ben Warner is a ‘data scientist’ advising govt & sitting on SAGE. His brother, Marc – who worked with Cummings on Vote Leave – won a £250m NHS contract when Cummings entered Downing Street. And now the contract for NHS tracking app.

The hospitals they set up under the ‘Nightingale banner’  lying empty due to lack of staff – built with military involvement.

If I was the Welsh or Scottish First Minister, I would be preparing to put medical checkpoints on the border with England at this point, because in recent days they are shouting about locksteps to try and hide what they’ve done. If you think they will hesitate before either using you as scapegoats or sending some infected people into our countries they will not stop at doing that.

I was very fond of Boris, and I appreciate that he came from a very low emotional point to the point at which he finally became Prime Minister, but I will not be condoning killing the public and failing in the duty of care any time soon.  I appreciate there is an even bigger picture, which is why he has been absent, but this is neither forgiveable, nor funny. It is time for a sharp exit.


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