What Next for Ina Disguise?

The music has changed again, and I am still working on the same collection.  This switches up the end result every time, and the music has gone, since Little Shiva, from disco to electro swing to funk and breakbeats.

Spending this weekend relaxing and setting up cameras and computers for the next phase, which will take a little while to perfect since I am planning to do a lot of filming whilst I finish up this lot.  There is a lot of work to do.

I am working on a completely separate collection of items which will take about a month, but this will not take up a lot of working time, just a lot of studio space.

Also trying to get a lot of old stuff shifted, which is going to be irritating in the extreme.

Anyway I will work on perfecting the video elements in the meantime as I have a separate project that has needed my attention for the last few years and because of Little Shiva I had to waste a lot of time on work.  This problem is, all being well, solved.



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