Perceptual Delusions

Work on Two Grapes has moved on quite a bit in the last day or so.  I happened to bump into the beautiful tiny man today, and whilst he is very beautiful he is not particularly tiny.

How fascinating, this is the second time I have perceptually shrunk someone because I could not cope with being interested in them. The first time I remember doing this was the first time I made a series of pieces inspired by someone, twenty or so years ago.

Why do I do this?  Since I hang around with a psychologist, we talked about it earlier.  We think it may be something to do with being frightened of reacting to anything, probably because of the persistent abuse from my siblings.

There is nothing you can do about them, they are unlikely to change their pattern of behaviour, which is why they are no longer on contact terms. Having discussed the matter with a variety of professional bodies, there is no alternative option for dealing with people who have colluded in their own delusion for more than two decades.  In the event they were introduced to the effects of their behaviour, they would probably require another couple of decades of treatment.

So much for them.

I am more shocked by my self-conning than anything else.  I am quite in touch emotionally, but to be spatially scaling things so that I can safely react to them is very interesting.

Perhaps I should take up the manufacture of miniatures.  They do say that people who create doll’s houses are seeking control, a safe place to reimagine the world.  If this is the case, perhaps I am seeking a safety that does not really exist by mentally shrinking my muses.

I did not shrink Haram Bawbag, which I think is indicative of the fact I never felt safe at all around him.  Not that I thought he was going to do anything particularly heinous, but he was not a consistent person, and so you never knew what to expect.

Two Grapes is going unbelievably well, I am hoping to have it complete relatively soon as a result.

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