My privileged life

Right, so now that I have been hounded out of a job in which I deliberately avoided interacting with people to avoid the inevitable outcome, I spent today paying bills – like a perfectly normal person, dealing with mail – again like a perfectly normal person, cleaning – ooooh so normal, and working on Boris’s face – OK not so normal but not that outlandish.

I also ate – seems pretty normal to me, and shock, horror, went shopping!  How weird and freaky am I?

Since I had the foresight to make sure I had two jobs, and in fact turned another one down a fortnight ago, I am not too alarmed. I do, however, need more than one so I now have to deal with that issue yet again to ensure I can meet the Boris deadline at the end of next month.

Fortunately, I know several other people who attract just as much negative attention from morons, both kinky and latent, as I do, so it doesn’t bother me that much anymore.  I turned down the research work two weeks ago because the interviewer was so desperate to impress me with his dominance that I decided not to bother.

Thankfully, I still have the consultancy and a wage, and with a bit of persistence, should be able to find some alternative and ideally less annoying colleagues in the near future.  I will not be in a hurry to work for another American company after that experience, however.

It is the sheer lack of self-awareness that astonishes me.  I remember the moment that I fell in love with Wolfe, was a mistake he made in the company of a rather vile vlogger who videoed him being caught in a moment of self-awareness.  That was my ‘OMG it really is that one’ moment.  Until then I had always wondered why I was on the hook, and rather resented it.

They do not seem to be presented with any alternatives to tunnel vision capitalism as a rule, which is quite challenging if you are used to nothing else (Boris will completely understand my perspective here as he had a similar political upbringing to mine)  When you are aware of the two sides of a coin as a matter of course, people who are led to believe in goodies and baddies are a bit basic.

Anyway, that has significantly damaged the project.  Congratulations to the fascists on that score, because I now have to waste considerably more time on securing sufficient income to make sure it goes ahead.  Tiresome, but not a surprise, and I suppose I could have played along and pretended to be interested in puppies, or whatever people like them choose to talk about.


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