Ina outed

The nurses who colluded to murder my mother apparently also saw fit to out Ina to my disgusting family.

My siblings, who like to pretend that they are respectable, are the most repulsive, stupid, dishonest people I have ever come across, and in the past I have met some pretty dodgy people.

These are people who sat by my mother’s bed and refused to give her any of the mixture that kept her infection and pain-free for six months.  They smirked at the mere thought.

These are people who complained every time my mother went to hospital that they were not happy with the out of this world standard of care that she got from me, since she was my first priority.

These are people who thought it was perfectly OK to destroy my life, because they thought they would get some money out of it.

I have no idea who thought that it was a good idea to expose me to even more danger from these people.  They effectively colluded in the murder of their own mother, so why would I want them to know anything about me?

Nobody is this stupid.  Seriously, nobody.

If any of the people mentioned happen to stop by and read this, I hope that you die in a lot of pain whilst stupid people sit and smirk at the side of your beds.

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