Ina Disguise Q and A 2

I haven’t done one of these for a while, but today is your lucky day.  I am quite irritated with various things, so I will answer some questions.


Dear Ina, do you have no respect for the sanctity of marriage?  You seem to have a thing for married men?

I have every respect for the sanctity of marriage. Had I known that Wolfe was married, I would have not wasted any time or energy on the emotional work required to get where I am.  I did not know in 2009/10, the information was not apparent in any of my research, and only found out on my birthday this year.

I was under the impression that I was instead creating a medium for explaining the philosophy of love in a fictional context, to a person that I am emotionally similar and yet opposite to. This is just a massive random coincidence that I took several months to figure out whilst giggling at videos, which I listened to whilst doing my previous work.  That work successfully appeased Patrick McGoohan during the last part of his life, when some Americans tried to ruin his beautiful piece of work, The Prisoner.  The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing Project flowed pretty much immediately from that, although it took a long time to get to release.

I do not see why I should feel shame about somebody else’s business, or my feelings, which are perfectly normal, if somewhat hard work.  I will say however, that in both cases, my muses are entitled to a bit of emotional freedom, and Ina is a great way of providing that without harming anybody.  Creativity takes many forms and mine apparently focuses on giving away affection where it is not particularly needed or wanted in exchange for the creation of stuff and my own self-development.


Do you hate Scotland now?


No, I do not hate Scotland.  There are several aspects of Scottish culture that I have always been nauseated by and this is particularly raw at the moment due to the murder of my mother.  People are very stupid.  That is why we are not independent.

I also particularly objected to the attitude of the SNP that if we believe in independence we should prevent England brexiting if it so chose.  Brexit is not an ideal choice short term, but it has benefits which include an underhand way of reviving manufacturing and benefitting the people that the Conservatives have been ignoring.  For this, I think it is a good thing, and as I have said, Britain 2200 looks a lot better out of Europe than in.

Independence is a separate issue and I do not have any faith that the 55 percent that prevented independence the last time are any less stupid now.


Are you a closet racist?


Nope, any one of my friends will tell you that I am absolutely not a racist, in fact I am a namby pamby foreigner lover who respects arbitrary bits of religious nonsense and tries hard to learn quickly so as not to cause offence with things they would object to.

I do not however, agree with the SNP that Scotland would benefit from an unlimited stream of people using Scottish resources and I do not want the entire country covered in blocks of badly built flats to house them. Nor do I see any problem with residents of Govanhill wondering why after tolerating endless alcohol, homeless and drug hostels, they now have to tolerate gangs, muggings and human trafficking.

A bit more industrialisation would be nice to make sure Scotland can cope financially, but we have a beautiful country, largely thanks to the class system, and it would be nice to keep it that way.

You may think this is an odd thing to say but I am sorry to say it is absolutely true.


Do you hate Nicola Sturgeon?


Nicola Sturgeon is the best person for the job, however I do not hang on her every word because I don’t think I have to, apparently unlike the rest of the indy movement.  It looks pretty unhealthy from where I’m sitting, but if it gets you there, that’s fine with me.  I won’t be any more sociable than I am at present.

Both Nicola and Alex are probably the most technically proficient politicians of their generation.  They do not need or want any help from me and it would benefit the party somewhat if MPs did a whole lot more learning from them in terms of technique.

I am still of the opinion that some rhetoric and dialectic training would benefit the party enormously when operating in Westminster.


Aren’t you a Tory now?


No, I am just interested in politics generally, and I appreciate others who are the same.  Take from that what you like.


What are your plans for this year?


Releasing a shoe and smaller accessory collection, finishing the games, writing Lucifer Ogilvie and working on the national project with my version of Boris Johnson.  The real one is kind of busy on his half of the project, which is independent of mine. Losing the rest of this weight.  Feeling good enough to resurrect the original book once the game plan is even clearer.  Avoiding stupid virtue signallers.  Doing some marketing and coding courses, and some financial work to make sure I can survive without having to deal with any actual relationships.


Shouldn’t you just find a man?


No, because I am too busy, and if I were to be in a relationship, nothing would get done because whoever it was would be covered in blisters and scratches.  I am not interested in getting to know any more people that want to waste my time.  I do have to rest sometimes to plan the next stage in order to get all this completed before I am dead.  Women live longer without them anyway.








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