Hands know better

It wasn’t until I was applying the braid that features heavily in this latest artwork that I realised where I had seen the whiny little bitch lack of initiative of Staring Brat 2 before.

The reason he keeps reporting back to Staring Brat 1 – AKA the sadist from the story of the same name on the books page –  is because he is ex army.  There is a Colonel in the Indian Army with exactly the same name.

Another mystery solved, and the only way it even entered my head consciously is because I am making this chair.

I think I have finalised the name now, but other things are still developing.  It remains a very angry piece of work, because I am very upset that people this disgusting exist, never mind that they are able to earn a living.

There are quite a few more things that I can do if I feel like it, because as long as they continue to act like this, people who are unfortunate enough to encounter them in the future are at risk from their delusional behaviour.  If they wish to avoid this, I would suggest they find a different website to stare at.

The chair itself is looking fabulous, and it is looking very positive for a final result so far, although the weight is going to be a problem. (isn’t it always)

I am missing my walks, and I would like to move on to something constructive sooner rather than later, so I think another week or two and then I will possibly go and do some writing.

Also feeling rather fat, so I would like to recommence walking as soon as I can free up some time.



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