Damaru Dilemma

I am spending a few days alone to think about a few things.  Working on Little Shiva’s tongues, which are sharpening up nicely, thinking about the overstitching once the stabilizing job is done, have purchased some eco warrior planters to form the Damaru for the base. They will require some reshaping which may cause problems but they are roughly right and were bought from a lovely man in Partick.

The lengha arrived, it is absolutely stunning and worth every penny it cost.

Managed to get job lot of saris for very little money, only one will be used in this piece I think, and the others will be used as linings for other things.

Considering the matter of Haram Bawbag and whether I can manage to dredge up the £150 or so it will take to complete it. It is an expensive piece of glass to cut I suspect.

So now it is just a matter of saving up for the trishul. Although I will not need it for a while, the one I have is far too small for the job.

Unsure what to so about some current stuff, awaiting some ideas whilst drumming up some more work.



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