Best Scandal Ever Downloads

For those of you going mad for Best Scandal Ever


Please download Best Scandal Ever Series instead – it has a picture of Honey I made you an icon on the cover. (gifted to Wolfe when I met him, for those interested in this cute tale of woe)

Best Scandal Ever on its own is a very tiring book unless you are a raw foodist, in which case it is screamingly funny.

You can tell I dig Russian heavyweights in a big way, but despite the cartooniness, it is a very tiring read, even for me.

If you get the entire collection, you will have other things to play with, like the silly poems and the love letter. The rule breaking Romance is probably an easier read.

The story probably isn’t finished yet, but for the moment the collection is complete.  I think we should call that a complete chapter.

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