A Nice Post for Little Shiva

This is not related to the post, but I really liked it.  It is nicely done and very funny.

The chair is going very well.  I am using every trick in the book to make it pop this time, as I am determined that it lives up to Little Shiva.

This may seem peculiar to regular readers, but that seems to be what floats my boat.  With the exception of Boris, every single person I have ever made a piece of work about has been hurtful in some way.

So, I guess my extravagant chair says something different to my more direct thoughts.  I am usually trying to resolve something when I take time out to make a piece. This time my entire life has become centered around making the thing, so I guess, as a man and his small daughter said the other day as they strolled through Finnieston, I am an artist now.

I am a little bit obsessed with it at the moment, but this is, from experience, subject to change.  I sometimes get to a point and then put the thing away for a few months, so I am trying to get it to the waterproofed and resin stage before that mood hits.  I also have several more practical pieces to do fairly urgently, and I have two businesses still pending, but life at the moment, although superficially very hard work, is working better since I can sew during two of my four or five different commitments.

I absorbed quite a bit from him, without even looking at him, which is fortunate.  I think so far the visual idea is exactly what I mean, incorporating pride, an element of reservation which I really liked, and a strong element of anger.  He was a very angry person.  I don’t really know why.  He was also a surprisingly innocent person, which is why I have been quite so careful not to directly retaliate.

I have some idea about the outside elements affecting what happened, but being of a strong character I cannot understand why he would choose to participate in it, so I am still digesting what this means.  I usually draw some conclusions by the end of the piece.  Generally speaking mindless thuggery for no reason is an indication of inherent weakness, so it is important to bear this in mind when trying to understand what it means.

Overall it will be a very glamorous piece, and I will be following it up with some other less practical work once the initial small item collection is complete. We also need to do some photography, filming and I think Ina will be releasing a book of work fairly soonish.

I also have a great deal of other work to finish, and a lot of reading to catch up with, so at some point I will have to worry about that.

In the meantime, a whole lot of needling is necessary.  I am hoping to finish the basic shape in the next week or two and then I have to add the tongues, which will take at least another two weeks.

If I decide to also do the base, I will be adding about 800 gbp to the cost of making it, so it will be held up by money.  This is not really what I want, so I am considering a variety of options.

To the person that asked me whether my focus indicates love for Little Shiva, I do not have that luxury.  He belongs elsewhere.  It isn’t up to me, thanks for asking anyway.

Back on 10 veg a day for the forseeable future as I ate too much salt at Christmas and am too busy on the chair to walk at present.




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