A message for Haram Bawbag

It has come to my attention that bawbag is still spreading malicious rumours about me, so this post is just for anyone who happens to see me passing through and is told the same rubbish.

Bawbag came to me, not the other way round.  I was minding my own business and in love with Little Shiva at the time and not at all interested in meeting anyone else.  This was not rational, there was no interaction between Little Shiva and myself, mainly due to my being convinced he was involved with some woman we worked with, it then transpired that he was married to some other woman who seemed to be locating herself as far away as possible.  There was never any expectation of a relationship and I averted my eyes due to there being pressures from elsewhere in the office we worked in, in the form of a giant steroid abusing English lout who took a notion for me for no apparent reason and with no encouragement.

At that time, I was looking for a partner on the grounds that I would like to have had a child before it was too late, and as far as I am concerned, the series of disasters since then has meant that even superficial trust is impossible. Little Shiva was beautiful and had a fast wit and only one moment was enough to persuade me that I would have been happy watching him watch cricket (presumably)

At no point did Bawbag boasting about his money factor into anything, and he is not that great in terms of company. I call him Bawbag for good reason, quite apart from it being his favourite word. He is neither graceful nor witty.

In point of fact he was a screaming bore who eventually took to ranting complete drivel.

Two months after I refused to return to his shop, he started making accusations and he has stopped only to try and retrieve me ever since.  I am not at all interested in speaking to this person, as far as I am concerned he is bonkers.

His unpleasant ex was the ideal person for him as far as I am concerned, however she is no longer interested as it turns out he is a compulsive liar and abuser.

The only thing he has told anyone the truth about is that his family has a lot of money.  Unfortunately this is not particularly worthy money and no respectable person would entertain it for this reason.

I hope that covers everything, I am heartily sick of this moron now.

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