In Support of Dylan Mulvaney

So,  I have been casually browsing this topic for a while now, because I do not appreciate having J K Rowling’s opinion rammed down my throat and as someone who has had more than one genuinely trans friend, I was unsure:

  1. Why there suddenly seems to be so many fake bandwagon trans people shouting irrational shit at everyone else.
  2. What impact this was likely to have on women, if any.
  3. What the endgame is for the fake bandwagon activists.

It turns out all this is pretty serious, so as a fake transperson taking opportunities from female sportswomen, amongst other things, you would think I would really hate Dylan Mulvaney.

Dylan Mulvaney is a Theatre school graduate who has made a great deal of money, and who stands to make a great deal more being pawpooolahr on social media.

A keen poisonality and pretend trans activist, Dylan and his genitals are currently making a lot of money pretending to be a trans person and hanging out with other pretend trans people.

The endgame of this particular movement seems to be to

  1.  Benefit the surgeons and medics currently involved in encouraging young people to sterilise themselves and cut all gender identifying bits off.
  2. Further the UN directive of decriminalising sex with children.
  3. Force compliance from the general population by celebrating this idea via their shopping habits.

None of which are things the general population are particularly keen on.

Recently, and rather suddenly we have seen things like

  • Men asserting they are lesbians and publicly accusing actual lesbians of bigotry because, surprise, surprise they do not want to have sex with men.
  • Men asserting they are into age play and forcing everyone, including prison guards to treat them as if they are a baby in order to benefit their sexual ‘health’
  • Men impersonating women and taking sponsorship opportunities from them.
  • Men trying to destroy female sport by loudly saying that they are women in order to win events, which makes female sport pointless.

Is a pattern beginning to emerge?

Real transpeople and the rest of the LGB community are not impressed by this at all.  There is strong evidence that the voices against these fakers is getting louder.  This is all about forwarding queer theory and the idea that everyone is interested in your fetish and nothing to do with genuine gender dysphoria.

Those who have called out these deviants as being fake are then accused of ‘bigotry’ in order to shut them up.

As a Scottish person, this is just normal life, people call each other out on ‘bigotry’ all the time here, and it is very rarely anything but abusive.

So as you can imagine, the genius of Dylan Mulvaney and his genitals had passed me by until he acquired the support of Proctor and Gamble.

Anyone who really wants to boycott Dylan Mulvaney now has to change quite a few major brands, Gilette, Colgate, Bounty, Pampers, Olay, Febreze etc.


Back when Ina Disguise was first created, I was very keen on trying to persuade people that wanted to redistribute wealth and put the power back into their own hands to change their shopping habits. I was laughed at, because convenience was all that mattered.

Only when Dylan and his penis started becoming rich from those very same brands did people even think about changing their habits.

So I now support Dylan, his testicles and his fake girlhood, please give him all the money in the world to support Monsanto Bayer, Unilever, Apple, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, anyone else who supports slavery, medicine that kills you, chemicals to control the population.

I had a wonderful art idea today, which will help my personal health enormously, because you have to be quite physically fit to be Dylan and his balls.

I am going to prepare, just for Dylan, a magnificent artistic tribute.  I have not felt this energised since before the Bawbag episode.  I can now get on with the existing work whilst I prepare my treat for Dylan.

In the meantime, please support Dylan and his penis in gaining the support of as many mainstream, ecologically and personally damaging companies as you can.  It is important for the future of your sterilised children.

Thank you all,


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Greetings from This Week in Scottish Politics

So, not much has changed with the investigation, they are now looking into purchases of luxury goods to try and figure out what on earth the SNP under Murrell and Sturgeon were playing at.  I still find it hard to believe that anything has taken place beyond someone being considerably less competent than they were pretending to be.

SNP supporters appear to be reacting to this rather badly, they like to accuse you of being a unionist.  This, however is not new, as far back as when I did ‘the alternative Scotland survey’ they were unable to tolerate anyone wanting to discuss politics.  They tend to be fanatics, in the main, as opposed to being people who have a clue how to build a country.

Salmond has taken to appearing on right wing news alongside natural enemies Neil Oliver and Nigel Farage, this is really a sign of strength rather than weakness, he is then free to answer the most savage questions, in theory, in a public forum, which is a healthy thing to do.

Fergus Ewing has made a move this week, personally I am hoping the right wing splinter of the SNP hurries up and splinters off, in which case there might be something to discuss. More generally, the Scottish population needs to mobilise as we are going to see far more movement from the UK in terms of attempting to damage calls for independence.

Much horror was expressed at Humza wishing people a happy Eid, no idea why since it is only to be expected.

I see I am not the only one that wants rid of the Greens, who plan to relentlessly promote Queer theory, sexualising children and liberation of paedophiles from prison sentences at every available opportunity whilst damaging the oil and gas industry and making the drinks industry struggle to meet the demands of the Bottle Return scheme they are punting.  The sooner they get the boot the better.  As far as I can see, they are working for England.  I certainly don’t want to hear any more about their bullshit ideas about politics any time soon.

I am not sure why it is so difficult to just stick a non binary label on disabled toilets next to the sign of the wheelchair, let them have their own sports and most importantly categorise them as non binary for the purposes of crime statistics.  If we are going to entertain a mass dysphoria event, then that is the easiest way to do it. The reality for many of these people is that they are swapping their fertility in order to participate in the mass dysphoria event, which is being encouraged for some reason.

From a light browse of the material they seem to be offering, they intend to progress this sexualisation of children by forcing them to think about gender in a very narrow minded way and make actual body modifications, into discussions about age play, the UN have also mentioned decriminalising sex with children.  What sort of future are we looking at?  Why are people thinking that it is a good thing to support this?

As previously mentioned many LGB are horrified by this, and there is an increasingly loud level of complaint from them too.  If this keeps up, we will see a major shake up of economic interest groups, at a time when we really need to be monitoring governments, which is extremely worrying.

The tory party in tandem with DWP have announced that they plan to harass the disabled people that are still alive until they presumably also die.  I want to see a Scottish right wing call them out on their ‘progress’ before it is too late for the remaining disabled.

Health is still debatable, will find out tomorrow or Tues how things are going.



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Gwyneth Paltrow wellness and Long Covid

So a lot of people in the Long Covid community are scoffing at the interview released by Gwyneth Paltrow this week, accusing her of ‘promoting’ an unhealthy diet.

The only way in which this interview could have been construed as promoting anything is if you were particularly susceptible to celebrities.  She put out a video showing her as a little waif who lives on no calories just before her court case started.  This has backfired as a PR strategy as I, for one, would have not been at all interested in her silly court case had it not been for the Orphan Annie interview.

As someone who two months ago had a scarlet face and was too exhausted too do terribly much, I was interested as we are approximately the same age and are likely to be suffering from the same issues.

I took the approach I know about, which is to minimise the cost of taking a natural approach and ignoring all bullshit in favour of things I know have worked in the past.

The advantage of having had a compromised immune system at a very early age due to Glandular Fever, now known as Epstein Barre, coupled with a gender and weight disadvantage at the doctor, is that it makes you extremely self reliant when you do finally get around to fixing your health issues.

I was reading the tweets of a former athlete with Long Covid this evening.  Similar to Tories having their pension stolen under the cover of the Liz Truss episode, they are astonished to find that their additional capillaries due to their fitness actually puts them at a significant disadvantage when being attacked by Covid.

So I am talking a pragmatic approach to dealing with this issue, and the first issue I chose to deal with was breathing.  I have spent the best part of the last two months healing a fluid retention/lung issue rather than bothering with actual weight loss, have, for now, wiped out an ‘incurable’ issue one doctor refused to believe existed, whilst another flung some cream at me and smirked on a different visit.  I already had this knowledge, I was just too tired and grieving to actually use it.

The second issue which was rather pressing was my liver, and it turns out that due to my other health issues, low carbing was suppressing that because of anaemia and lack of vitamin c, so I chose to take a fruit based approach until this showed some improvement, which it has.  Again, it got worse before it got better, so it was sheer experience that told me this would work.

The dizziness, which was rather stifling as it makes you very wary of being far from a chair, is now gone as I also dealt with blood quality and consistency, and the stubborn issue of headaches is much improved. Blood pressure, which was fluctuating wildly, is now under control.

Today I was testing cloves, and whilst I somewhat overdosed due to listening to some advice from the Middle East, a couple of cloves a day along with the garlic and ginger is looking like a good plan too as this released some previously bound infection.

When doing this, it is a good idea to be in a position to have a lot of sleep, as your sleep demands vary wildly when your body is unaccustomed to being provided with the tools to fix things, so this can come on rather suddenly.  To go from being insomniac to sleeping 14 hours within a few short days can come as rather a shock if you are a creature of routine.

Finally, I would say so far, do not rush exercise.  I found the first time that I experimented with food that you are quite keen on exercise WHEN YOUR HEALTH IS GOOD ENOUGH, and not before, so rather than tell yourself you are lazy, keep trying an exclusionary approach until you hit the combination that works for you.  This is likely to be unique, so in terms of releasing a book on the subject, I will be taking much the same approach as I did to cooking, which is a loose framework rather than a set of rules.

There will always be stupid demotivational people who will try to talk you out of trying anything new.  From my experience, such people end up dead, so feel entirely free to completely ignore them.  They have no better option, they are just useless bottom feeders who probably do things like take advice from a wellness guru that in one breath claims to live on bone broth and in the next recommends duck bacon. Get such people out of your life completely.  I cannot tell you how much better life is without them.


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So I haven’t updated for a while.

Right, so after I finished the last job, I had a job starting the following day at 9k a year more with one day’s less work, and I have been in training for that for a few weeks.

It is not at all what I expected and I will not be staying.

I thought it was time I tried being out in the world a bit.  It is not.

After five years now of working with millennials, I am becoming quite militant about working remotely, not because I have issues, but because they do.

I am now bored with this and since I have never been interested in mobbing, since my family were so very good at it, I do not want to deal with it at work.  Remote work should mean that you are able to just work, not be forced into judgy situations with narrow minded people.

I went out of my way to do one of them a small favour, and the response was ‘thanks guys’  They made no effort at all to speak to me or listen to anything I had to say or wanted to talk about, so I gave up.

As this is likely to be more obvious in person, and I don’t particularly care for their ideas about aging, since they are the first generation in recent history to suffer from worse health than their parents, due in part to them being kept in by their careless parents, in part to being glued to a screen from an early age instead of more comfortable twenties, and in most part due to the uncomfortable fact that providing people with unlimited information about the world seems to have made them very fond of consensus, willfully ignorant and extremely narrow minded. I had to explain to one of them that people in their sixties (and seventies) invented mobile phone and computer technology, and it took a remarkably long time for the wee brain to wrap itself around the fact this is perfectly true.

So yeah, not great really.  From making them a film to demonstrate what confidence looks like, prevented by Bawbag (who was last seen in Tel Aviv between court visits and is presumably back where he wants to be in the east end) I now don’t really want to leave the house or communicate with my co-workers at all. I just don’t see it as being productive or good for my health.

In addition to that, I am expected to share workspace with people who don’t give a shit about Covid, the same one mentioned above was sitting next to me at the beginning of training and immediately came down with it, despite the fact it is quite a big risk to my health.

Not really interested in being ill for another couple of years, sorry.

Anyway, today we discovered that English supremacists cannot read or understand politics at all, so they might as well continue to vote to kill disabled people, since that is all they apparently know how to do.


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Mistaken for a young person (again)

You would think this was a good thing, wouldn’t you?

So yeah today I went from my hairdresser, who is knocking on 20 years older than me but thinks I’m the same age and always makes a point of saying so,  which is kind of depressing, to my usual trip of fetching coffee and healthfood, and was randomly accused of something or other by a passing moron whilst sitting awaiting some lights to change.

I am not 12, sorry it is not OK to randomly scream obscenities into my windscreen.  I go out very rarely and do not appreciate being harassed in the street when I do.  I make the same dull trip every time.

I think it is being cheerful they object to, they want everyone to be as limited and miserable as them.

I suppose it is time to change the routine anyway.



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No News is Good News

So another two job offers and two former employers asking if I want to return later, still no further forward, but this is clearly not a bad time to be doing this.

Will now be working next week to establish if a part time option pays as well as it says it does, as this would be a good solution for moving some other things forward.

Mulling over the idea of writing some business stories into something a bit meatier than usual whilst I am not busy.

Lots of other things to do


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Malta is nice this time of year

I was there a few years ago just around Christmas.

Oddly enough, some huge financial crim offered me a job there as my mother was dying. Exceptionally odd.

Thankfully, I realised what the job was and in any case was not going anywhere at that time.

Anyway, yeah I will prob return there at some point.


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Fire Coat Pending

Should be complete in the next few days.

Watch this space, as after that I will be making the bases for the new collection which will take a while, but doing this many at once is a useful exercise.

I am also going to do some completely new stuff, which should draw things together nicely.


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