Let’s make the Conservatives Fit for Work!


Let’s make the Conservatives Fit for Work!

Here is a truly awful, and yet very clear picture of what we are not hearing from the Conservatives at the moment.

This is by no means exhaustive, but this is what the public actually want to hear about as it most directly affects them.

I will take this point by point after some general comments.

The graphic is based upon a very basic strategy, codified by Simon Sinek (whom I otherwise cannot stand) based upon the common aims of inventive businesses.  Successful enterprises look outwards, not in, and at the core is the Why?

The why in this case, is what the Conservative Party actually represents. At the moment this seems to be tax breaks, encouraging crazily rich people to invest, and starving the poor to death.  This is not a successful strategy, for a variety of reasons which I will proceed to demonstrate.

Suffice to say, even Thatcherism was an improvement on the current direction of the party.  You have to water the plants to make the garden grow, not weed it to death.

My suggestion for strategy in this case, is to promote a fairer Conservatism, in which you show some awareness of basic economics. I will go into this later under the headings Trickle down, the Pound and Multiplier.

The What in this case is, of course, Brexit and how to make it work properly, in a careful and planned way, regardless of the outcome of negotiations.  I will be suitably vague on this, but the picture may become clearer as I run through the other points.

The How is your actual tasklist, which is largely up to you, although I will make some suggestions.  This is very much a line drawing approach, which I am squandering my expensive education on providing for a laugh, so if I get bored, there will be less of it.

Ok, so let us start with the Pound.  Much panicking has surrounded the value of the pound, with people getting very upset because their Camembert is more expensive.  It does however mean, that our Crowdie is cheaper to sell elsewhere, which means more jobs and a better standard of living for people seeking work in manufacturing.  Continuing to say that we need more immigrants is cutting your own throat in this respect, given that as the party of motivation and stability, you really ought to be happy if people’s general living standards go up and work is more available to them.  A low pound also encourages more tourism, which was badly hit by the Smoking Ban under Labour.  Nobody seems to talk about the two million jobs which were finished by the smoking ban, but since smokers pay for themselves twice over in tax, it was a pretty dumb move.

Next we have domestic industry.  As I have just demonstrated, this benefits from a low pound, particularly with domestically generated raw materials.  It may be seen by Thatcherites as taking a step back, but who decided that typing was better than making actual stuff?  There is nothing wrong with producing goods for a living and selling them, particularly if we go with the Boris plan and trade more freely with the commonwealth and elsewhere.  We seem to have largely forgotten that we know how to do this perfectly well.

Tertiary Services were dearly beloved by Thatcher, her vision was to kill off single earner families and replace them with fully earning families with less money because instead of one working miner, you got four working in a call centre.  Whilst this is theoretically healthier and fairer, it made a lot of people suffer.  Tertiary services may suffer short term, but in the event that we can negotiate with Canada, Australia and America since you seem to be hell bent on selling us to them anyway, there is no reason why we cannot see massive expansion into new territories for tertiary service jobs.  I currently rescue people from car parks and lifts all over America at night, so there certainly isn’t a communication barrier in terms of cost anymore.

The Multiplier I have been ranting at my TV at the conservative shower about this for years now.  It makes no sense to starve people at the bottom of the economic ladder, since they are forced to circulate more cash than anybody else.  Even a child’s understanding of economics will tell you that you should put more money into the hands of the poor, because they make it work harder than rich people do.  Instead of money flowing out of the country into tax havens, you could be making it work by putting it into the hands of people who will actually spend it.

Inflation is feared by the Conservatives because the middle classes don’t like it and it benefits the working class in terms of wage rises and their ability to actually buy things.  The working classes, however have done rather well in recent years, particularly amongst the trades, and so I do not think making the garden grow should be a source of fear for the current administration given the current situation.

Trickle down does not work.  Again this is a stupid idea circulated by someone with a brain which has shrunk from too much port.  Rich people do not continuously generate ideas to benefit other people.  Savings are bad, bad, bad if you wish to stimulate the economy and they should be discouraged.  Debt is not great either, so do not go down that tiresome road again. The 2008 crash was largely caused by talentless people and too much credit.  I have covered the benefits of trickle up under multiplier.

Corporation tax is a good thing to lower because it means that companies choose to situate in your country.  As I was saying earlier, 3% of something is a lot better than 23% of nothing, and there are entire villages in Switzerland full of empty office buildings of British companies who have chosen not to pay tax here.  Sort it out, now that ghastly Giddy has gone.

Inward property investment is a worry for many people, particularly in London.  Having a property market endlessly inflating and a city full of empty houses makes no sense at all.  It would be considerably better to encourage industrial investment, which is why a low pound rocks my tiny world.

Foreign property investment actually counts towards your figures, so it is useful to encourage people to do a bit of neo-colonial investment.  It does mean, however that the money is leaving the UK, which I do not particularly approve of.  I would prefer to see a flourishing of the bond market and a set of financial products enabling more interesting and viable projects which actually make money elsewhere.  Neo-economic-colonialism yes, more immigrants no.  There is a world beyond our shores which we could be making much more of, which is why I am a non-conservative Boris superfan despite his apparent misery at the moment.

Currency exchange – we were doing very well at this with a strong pound, and I daresay we will again, however this is less appealing with a low pound.  If you are possessed of sufficient wit, it is however fairly simple to focus on the currencies that will work, so just get on with it and stop whinging.  An independent financial regulatory system is probably a helpful, rather than unhelpful thing.

Tax Havens – here is where the Boris plan is a tad weak.  We are not dealing with entirely charming and philanthropic rich people, we are dealing with people who value their money and wish to put it somewhere safe.  A method of making it considerably easier and more attractive to invest it in places that need it is in order.  The Gambia even lacks its own fruit juice, which is frankly ridiculous.  Again, a bit of neo-economic colonialism would enormously help the Gambians and elsewhere.

Investments generally – I think I have covered this really.  We need a talented set of products to cover the Boris plan, which is firmly rooted in history, outward looking and very kind of him.  Help is needed to bring it to life, however, so a bit of movement is required in this direction.

In conclusion, we in Scotland are sick to death of hearing people whinging about Brexit.  The media seems to be obsessed with failure, and it is not helpful to continuously report how badly things are going.  It is not a good time for the Conservatives, but since England insists on voting for them and will probably do so for some time, let’s see a bit of wit and strategy and stop wallowing in the swill of potential defeat.



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Looking serious doesn’t make you serious

Theresa May has an image problem.  There is a sector of the population that like her, and it happens to be the same sector that believe in Conservatism, apparently don’t know any disabled people, have not had to resort to welfare to any great extent, and presumably live in the favoured areas that never see the effects of economic up and downturn.  They see very expensive clothing, some oddly nice necklines and a grim expression and they mistake this for seriousness and competence.

Theresa May is married to a wealthy hedge fund manager.  She is, therefore, not really in a position to judge what is best for you, despite resembling a Girl Guide leader.

It is interesting, as a native of another country, that this alone seems to be so persuasive for some voters.  They clearly don’t hear much of what she is actually saying, otherwise they would realise that she isn’t saying all that much.  Strong and stable has been replaced with delivering and achieving.  Endlessly repeating the same fairly empty rhetoric is not improving her image to those of us actually listening.

Of course, the real villain of the Brexit debacle is David Cameron, for panicking about the popularity of UKIP with the little Englanders and having a referendum in the first place.  Now that that referendum has been and gone, everybody including the Conservatives have to deal with it.  You won’t be making that mistake again, rather unfortunately for the stupid 55% in Scotland who voted incorrectly in our referendum.

So, now that we are in this situation, and there is no way of backing down or getting away from it, we are looking at what kind of Britain we actually want to see?  I assume that nobody genuinely wants to sell off our public services unless they are making money out of it.  We know that in the hedge fund game, any old result will do, but what of Britain’s standing in financial servicing, insurance and the tertiary economy generally?

Many of the Brexiting voters wanted to see more manufacturing.  Thanks to the fall in the pound, we already have some recovery in this respect.  Indeed, as a seemingly constant jobseeker, I see more jobs at present than I have since 2001.  So far, so good.  Apart from general noise from some of the investment banks, who worry about finding multilingual staff in post-Brexit Britain, I do not see a lot of panic-movement.

So, one wonders, what is so wrong with a bit of vision?  My historian head will tell you that 2200 Britain looks a whole lot better out of Europe than in.  As I was saying yesterday, this is not much help with buying cat food, but it is certainly the reason for more thoughtful Brexit voters to have made the decision to opt out.  Short term pain for long term gain is a very British thing to do, after all.

Having said this, Boris’s vision of investment in the commonwealth replacing hiding money in tax havens may be more difficult to implement.  Bridges to the continent may be a friendly and subtle way of indicating that Britain is still open for business, however we cannot expect private enterprise to mop up all of the split milk.

Cutting corporation tax may not look like a public-friendly option, but 3% of something is a lot better than 23% of nothing.  Therefore, whilst I am very glad old Giddypants never got to do it, I think it is important to consider this alongside some form of external savings limitation for those nearer the top of the pyramid.  What we need, rather than Rees-Mogg, is more of a whizzkid figure in number 11.

So then, fellow Britishers, the die is cast.  One hopes that the gamble is worthwhile, and that my fellow strategist continues to focus.  Looking serious does not mean that you are serious, and the reverse is also true.


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Those 120000 death links, plus a few for extra fun

My recent return to the workplace has taught me that people choose to be stupid.  They choose to actively avoid information they do not want to hear, and they are very keen on blaming people, even for disabilities.  Here are some links you cannot avoid, stupid people, and this does not even cover Scotland, in which the deaths from Alzheimer’s went up by 31 percent in ONE YEAR.  My mother was falsely claimed to have Alzheimer’s on her death certificate, so presumably the rule is that you misdiagnose before you kill people up here.  They also had a joint effort between the social work department and the  NHS to make my life a misery for caring for her.

Make sure you take some heed, before it happens to you.  If the English are going to insist on voting for these morons, then at least pick a decent one and get him Fit for Work

Independent – Landmark study links 120,000 deaths to Tory austerity

Health and social care spending cuts linked to 120,000 excess deaths in England

Mirror – Economic Murder

Daily Mail – NHS cuts blamed for 120000 deaths

Marketatch – UK austerity linked to 120000 deaths

Conservatives accused of “economic murder” in landmark study which links 120k deaths to austerity

Research linking care cuts to 120,000 deaths ‘is fresh evidence austerity kills’


Thousands died after fit for work assessments – Guardian

Mirror – Tory government keeps report on fit for work tests secret

Mail – almost 2400 people declared fit for work dead within two weeks beteen 2011-2014

Telegraph – thousands died after being declared fit for work

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The Best Madness Ever

Why don’t you try thinking about it another way?” Leon frowned at Kira. “You never seem to deviate from this position of not being good enough.”

Look, there is no other way to think about it. I have a job to do. That has been the case ever since I met him. I am the problem.”

Why do you feel you have to work so hard for his affection? He won’t even speak to you.” Leon screwed up his face. Your non-relationship makes no sense?”

It makes perfect sense to us. I can’t bear to look at him, he can’t bear to look at me. Every time we go anywhere near each other one of us ends up extremely upset. It is much safer if we avoid each other.”

But you said he seemed quite pleased to see you?”

Yes, and I was pleased to see him, but it is in the nature of our awkward characters that it is always teetering on the edge of a huge fight. Negotiation is bound to be difficult.”

He seems to be winning on that front.” Leon pursed his lips. Kira was different since she had met Sam. Less anxious, and yet still consumed by Sam. If anything, more than ever.

Not at all. I still lack confidence, and I am too easily distracted. This is about head space, and life goals. It is not about ordinary things at all. If it was I would starve for a year and turn up in a bikini with some exceptionally good aphrodisiac, now wouldn’t I? What on earth would be the point in that? He has plenty of women. Even I wouldn’t be crazy enough to dissuade him from such a convenient and comfortable arrangement if that’s what he wants.”

What about what you want?”

I want him to be happy. I don’t want him to be unhappy. Neither of us will be happy until I do the damned work, regardless of how he arranges things with his genitalia.” Kira was growling now, impatiently twitching at the computer.

But you said he didn’t know anything about what you were doing? Isn’t he just an asshole really? What do you get out of this?”

Being difficult or unaware doesn’t make you an automatic asshole, I’d just like to point that out. You are right, of course, but if I remember correctly, I was being an actual asshole the last time we had any dealings with each other, because I was hurt. Sam doesn’t usually tolerate ‘feels,’ for all his chosen pithiness.” Kira looked blank. “Trust me, it is much easier if we make it a public only relationship. I don’t want to have to eat his cubs anyway. That is what lions do.” Kira got up and rubbed her sore back. “I just want to kick his ass with impunity, and nine years ago there was no question of my ever getting to do that. He can keep his bits to himself apart from that if he wants. I just love the idea of making him bloom, and for that he needs to be challenged now and again. Safely, by someone who cares. It is in the grand tradition of the super-Greeks.”

I wish somebody loved me like that. Have you ever considered that maybe he loves you too?”

God no. Trust me, you would not want an imaginary relationship this contorted.”

Why not? Maybe he longs for a soft cuddly twin who doesn’t take any shit from him.”

I think Sam’s love of control is well established. I don’t want to end up looking pinched and terrified. I want to be loved, not moulded, thank you. Besides, can you imagine how the Yanks would take a fat chick? America hates women, never mind women who don’t conform to the delusional rules of trophy-hunting success. I’m not in the business of ruining careers.”

Is that why you’re hitting on the Foreign Secretary?” Leon was quite pleased with this development, especially as it meant a host of new opportunities emerging from Kira’s creative brain.

No, I actually like the Foreign Secretary, and he is big and kind enough not to mind me creatively crying on his shoulder.” Kira looked up. “Besides which, he needs a good shake too. His health needs some attention. Nagging from crazy strangers is almost tolerable.”

Everyone will assume you agree with his politics, however. They may not take it well.”

They can take it however they want. He is the only one in the party that cares about the public or credits them with any brains at all. If the English will insist on continuing to vote for them, we might as well give the UK to the only decent one, assuming we can woo him away from his evil paymasters at some point.”

Can we do that?” Leon stared at the wall. This was so bonkers, it actually might work.

Of course we can.” Kira rethreaded her needle as she worked on her latest figurative work. “We can do whatever we like.”

You used to say that to your mother.” Leon smiled.

She is still here, so I am still saying it to her.” Kira nodded towards the large flowered tube on the table. “Poor mum. Why are people so stupid?”

They do what the Reich tells them, and the Reich wants anyone disabled dead.”

True. Let us not talk of it just now. We need to get another grant application in.”

When is it due?”


Are you crazy? People work on these things for months!” Leon was dumbfounded.

I only found out this morning. I just need a few photographs. I will write it up tonight.” Kira seemed remarkably calm. “I’ve been writing business plans for years. It isn’t difficult.” Kira smiled. “I could even make an application for ‘beneficial to the community’ schemes and include the new project.”

There is nothing beneficial to the community about the Conservative party.” Leon spluttered. “Especially not as you seem hell-bent on promoting the Foreign Secretary, of all people.”

Everything will be fine. A national-scale project will help enormously with the scheme for Sam. I had better finish some of the old stuff though, just in case anybody ever actually buys any of it.” Kira’s work had not sold recently. She seemed blissfully unconcerned, as she did not rely on it for income. Kira’s life seemed to be a very long learning curve. Leon wondered if she realised how little time she had to perfect the over-arching work-of-art that was her endlessly expanding brain. “Don’t worry, Leon. I just need to get more work to fund it. Look what fun I had after Brexit, and it didn’t cost me anything at all!”

So, basically the idea is we get the Foreign Secretary, who is just as crazy as you, into Number 10. Then what?”

Then I will need a proper publisher to appear, as if by magic, and take the Conservative books I am working on. Once I have a publisher, it will then be time to return to the original book, which theoretically removes all politics as we know it and creates an entirely new landscape for debate. Sam has no idea how clever he is. I shall take great delight in presenting it to him.” A twinkle seemed to sparkle in Kira’s eye as she glanced at Leon.

Are you sure he is the clever one?”

He is the key to my lock. Why do you think I hold him in such precious esteem, even when he insists on being silly? There is nothing either of us can do about that. We shall just have to make it a rhetorical question.” Kira seemed to be glowing as she smiled, and returned to her sewing.

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Merry Christmas to readers old and new

Sorry that I have not posted in some time.  My mother was being killed by the NHS and my attention was rather diverted by that.

How do they do this?  A couple of consultants decide that your aged relatives are a burden to you and pass this down the line, whereupon a team of nurses will tell you that they are professional and acting in your parent’s best interests as they then precede to feed them crap to ensure that the pharmaceutical drugs they are using destroy every nutrient in their body until they die of infection.

Be warned, this is very likely to happen to you.  I have seen it done to three people now, and there is no escape.

In the event that you wish to enjoy your full lifespan, I suggest that you avoid the NHS.

My alter ego, the serious academic type who fell in totally uncharacteristic love with Wolfe some years ago is now going to take on the NHS, the pharmaceutical industry and the social engineering system they have been perfecting since the first phase of their eugenics system, WW1 and 2, and demonstrate exactly how this works and how education has changed even in my lifetime to reduce your status as an economic unit to the point that there is little possibility of escape from a system that tells you what to eat, what to wear, what to worry about and when to die.

Merry Christmas, enjoy whatever someone else told you to enjoy, and I will return in a more cheerful state when I have more fully recovered from this latest case of institutional murder.

My mother was a much loved, much misunderstood, mischievous lady who deserved better.  Better from her other children, better from the NHS, a better final chapter.

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How the world works

A potted history

The 1950s, for a starting point, which is similar to now because they too had been wooed into thinking that manufactured chemicals were all beneficial and anything modern was good. This was immediately post-war, which saw the massive growth of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, both of which had hugely benefitted from WW2.

This was the post-union golden age in the USA, where large manufacturers were enabled by lack of workers’ rights.  This meant potentially unlimited growth, however education was less accessible, so your degree actually meant something, and your technical skill, often gained in your workplace from an apprenticeship gained on leaving school, was duly rewarded.

A high level of employment  meant that consumer confidence was relatively high. In the UK, properties which had been impossible to maintain during the war period were now being snapped up by this population of eager consumers, who set to work spend, spend, spending on new-fangled fabrics and trendy furniture.

A golden time for many, still miserable for the rest, the 1950s saw huge interest in marketing, methods of communicating and advertising, on which my father founded his career as a commercial artist.

Moving through to the 70s, and we see the ‘natural backlash,’ and the food counter culture, which my father was again a big part of.  Both of my family doctors as a child were homeopaths as well as conventional doctors.  The enmity that we see now between natural health and conventional medicine did not yet exist, and so as a child, I was just as likely to be prescribed herbs or homeopathy as an antibiotic.  At that time, the pharmaceutical companies had not yet seen fit to condemn anyone in opposition, and perfectly normal people did not see fit to argue over science that does not exist.

Do you see the difference between this and today?  Today the Board of Nutrition and the medical community are entirely dominated by the food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.  They endlessly repeat a mantra of guidelines that aren’t even correct.

You are told to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.  The benefits of increasing your consumption continue on a steep trajectory until you hit seven.  The World health organisation recommend 9-15.  The reason for this lie is that it is not possible for producers of fresh fruit and vegetables to have a member of the board of nutrition on the payroll to represent them. This lie alone ought to tell you that something is wrong with your reliance on advice from authority figures that you used to unthinkingly trust.

The medical community, meanwhile, are apparently taught that all natural medicine is to be condemned and replaced with pharmaceutical products.  This change has happened in my lifetime.  The doctors themselves seem to be unaware of this change, presumably the free holidays have affected their memories.

This attitude percolates down to the point that people scrap daily online that everything ‘scientific’ is good and anyone that does not subscribe to their viewpoint is bonkers or stupid.  Science is sponsored.  As with all statistics, the results are used to paint a picture, but that is all it is.  In a vast number of cases, the science does not exist, because the science does not attract profits for companies who have had it all their own way for decades, with budgets bigger than entire countries.

The only way to reach the truth, or to get the level of treatment that is possible, is to find out by yourself. Find out what to eat, find out how to solve problems that medical science cannot solve, of which there are many.

Someone online mentioned trusting a professional the other day.  My experience of professionals, whether they be financial, scientific or medical, is that they are paid to give you information that is limited by the scope of their day-to-day jobs.  You cannot expect them to be interested in their subject, because they have a salary to spend and holidays to take.  Trusting a professional is not an option.

The only answer is to find out by yourself.  The world is not improving, and you are not stupid.  Trust nobody, there is a lot of money invested in keeping you dumb.

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Corporatist Healthcare – a handy peep

As we know, the NHS is quietly on the way to being privatised.  Whilst the system is not set to change over to the American system immediately – I thought the articles from the USA today were very interesting.  Here is the first, from congressman Mo Brooks.  Enjoy reading the Independent article and then watch the video:

Poor people don’t deserve healthcare because they haven’t led good lives

Congressman Fires Back at Chelsea Clinton over Pre-Existing Co…

Congressman Mo Brooks responds to Chelsea Clinton's criticism of him over comments about pre-existing conditions: "Maybe she wants to run for public office and try to do better than her mommy did," he tells ABC News. http://abcn.ws/2p5rEwM

Posted by This Week on Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Quite the charmer, isn’t he?

Here is the third entry, from Congressman Tom MacArthur:

Personal tragedy drives deal making GOP congressman on health care

Now this last article is quite complex, the congressman is proposing a corporate solution to a public health issue – he proposes that states accommodate higher cost patients at their own discretion, based upon a system where they can opt out of full coverage healthcare insurance schemes.  So having a baby will cost you lots of money in some states because they have opted out of mandatory maternity cover, but should your baby then have cancer, the state may or may not have a financial pool to pick up the increased cost of insurance.  Otherwise, the insurance companies have the option to simply charge anyone with pre-existing conditions more for being ill rather than opting people out of the system on the basis of their illness altogether.

Now he does this on the basis that, unusually for a republican, he is aware that it may well happen, and in fact has happened to him, twice.  His background in the insurance industry has made him unusually clued up on the issue of insurance.  Here we see the great failure of the American healthcare and political system.

Rather than showing concern for the victims of their piss-poor idea of taking care of their own people, he cites the example of himself and his father, both of whom certainly have a work ethic, but no apparent sense of responsibility for direct care.  You cannot be in two places at once, had either him or his father had direct responsibility for caring, they would have been unable to fund medical care at all, but rather than reflect upon this, he comes up with a corporate solution to a public health issue that again shits on the poor and unwell.

The Republicans would seem to be desperate to prove that there is a corporate solution to everything, that corporations are capable of showing some responsibility towards their victims/customers, and that everything will mysteriously work itself out, regardless of people’s individual circumstances or the level of understanding at state level.

Having worked in hundreds of different places in my life, the understanding of his policy is likely to be limited.  Rules will be misinterpreted, states will get it wrong, the public will be told by a bored receptionist that no, they cannot get any help with their stroke/cancer/brain injury and that they are uninsurable.  People will try several places and simply give up and watch their loved ones die.

This of course, does not matter to a conservative, as long as their costs are kept down and they aren’t held back by the great unwashed.  This is the reason they become fearful in later life.  Having spent so many years shitting all over everybody else, they suddenly realise that they too, require help and nobody is available to provide it because they need to amass their own pile of not very self-protective cash.

The system of American healthcare, and the idea that it will never happen to you is laughable to us in Europe, because of our more advanced idea of social conscience that they were so eager to stamp out when they smashed their unions.  My grandfather was lured to the USA on the promise of work in the 1920s, only to find out that he was expected to be a scab, whereupon as a good communist he left rather quickly.

I was asked whether I wanted to move to the USA in 1998 when I was touring and playing backgammon.

“No,”  I replied “I could not live in a country where I know perfectly well that people are dying of poverty. I actually had no idea that the NHS was as important to me until I was actually here with people who just don’t get it.  This is not a civilised country.”

The same thing goes for food in the USA.  Mo Brooks, above, blames people for smoking, drinking or eating the wrong thing, yet there is no question of shutting down the providers of poison.  No question of the corporation showing the responsibility and education he expects from the individual.

Their ideas of ‘cheap food at any cost’ have led to suffering all over the world, from smallholders losing their farms to people who can afford American chemicals and trucks, to the infestation of patented life in the form of seeds.  GM and hybrid crops from America are economic and agricultural invasion, not supplied, as they say to prevent starvation, but supplied to make the poor poorer and starve them out, and to create a smaller population of more malleable landowners.

If we are to survive as an independent nation, we should be more wary of America generally.  They are extremely fond of money, and they are not responsible citizens of the world.  I am with Prince Charles.  There is no reason at all why Britain should not, as an island be the purveyors of clean food and clean politics, rather than becoming immersed in the complex deception and domineering double talk employed by the Yanks in the course of their complete disrespect for the poor, whatever country they are unfortunate enough to be poor in.



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Why the UK needs le Pen to win

Greetings fellow couch potatoes.

Never did I think I would see the day that I would actually want Front Nationale to win in France.  I spent some time observing them in Second Life, and the crowd ten years ago were not particularly edifying. An older le Pen was in charge then.

Times change and so do we, and I was commenting only last week that our fortunes in the UK depend heavily on the outcome of the French election.

Why?  Macron is the French equivalent of Tony Blair, a corporatist who welcomes Europe and wholly imaginary ‘unity’ in France (Front Nationale has always been a far stronger right wing force in France than we have in the UK – my ex, who was rather swarthy himself, was a keen supporter.)

If Le Pen wins however, our negotiating position significantly improves in Europe.  Two feeder economies in negotiation are far stronger than one.  It is, to put it simply, our best chance of having a country at all in a century or so.

The EU was set up on the basis that there was safety in size – you can easily see the future being China versus India versus Russia versus the USA in only a couple of decades.  An attempt to form a super-state rather than forge shaky alliances with other countries in Europe is therefore considered desirable for defensive and negotiating purposes.  The other reason for the EU is corporatism.

Labour is significantly cheaper when there is plenty of it and it creates a nice division amongst the population in terms of fighting for employment rights or even having a job at all.  As far back as 2002, there were over three hundred applicants for each relevant job available in Scotland, and I am sure if you asked other people, it goes far further back than that.  In the event that you want 30 or so specific PHD qualified applicants, you can easily have them under a system of free movement.

As I have said before this is bad for you as an individual.  More supply means you are compensated far less for your skills, and you have limited means to fight back if you simply cannot get a job at all.

So as a Scottish Nationalist, I am afraid I cannot buy into the idea of unlimited immigration in the face of the lack of employment I have experienced.  It is utterly soul destroying to find your government offering grants to people from other countries to stay after their degree, whilst doing nothing at all to aid natives in the form of providing relevant jobs in sufficient quantity.

The entire system in fact, falls down if you cannot secure a sufficient supply of jobs.  The sociological basis of racism is competition for resources, as we have seen from the example of the north of England.  These people are not all racist, they are starving and living in decaying circumstances.

This is why Brexit was a good move for the English population, and an unusually intelligent decision.  Weak pound equals jobs, stalling immigration means less competition for jobs.  This adds up to a potentially better standard of living for everybody in the UK.  A revival in manufacturing was exactly what the UK needed, and a low pound is the most exquisitely democratic way of making sure that happens.

We have not even begun the system of starve-in-order-to-boom yet, and people are complaining, backtracking and I am getting the impression that the Conservatives believe that we cannot Brexit at all. This is extremely shortsighted, and there seems to be a prevailing misunderstanding of Conservative history in the party.  Conservatism has not always been the party of the rich cutting taxes.  The idea is that you provide opportunities for the masses, and the government is thereby enabled to cut taxation because everybody is paying it.  What we have now is a system where they cut taxes at any cost, including people quite literally starving to death.

Perhaps it would take a messy haired free thinker to point this out, once we have secured a Frexit.  It would seem unlikely that a thinker is going to emerge from anywhere else in the party.  A more egalitarian, conscience-led Conservatism would be considerably more popular.

I will be going further into this topic in Lucifer Ogilvie, but I thought I would just plant the seed, if it is not already there.

Boris’s carpet is going very well, and the first layer is almost complete. I think it is going to be rather nice.

Toodle Pip, chums




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Is the UK turning into America?

In the last twenty years we have seen the full death of integrity in the UK.  Integrity at work is frowned upon, and in some cases is a sacking offence. Integrity of belief in politics is to be sneered at unless you are a Conservative.  Integrity in product development is often dubious.  The integrity of the BBC has been severely compromised.  Only this evening I commented that Tony Parsons and Julie Birchhill hadn’t been on for a while, and then I realised that this was because Labour is not in power, and they are probably quite lazy now anyway.

The media is pumped into our homes by an inflated and lower quality supplier, in my case free of charge, although I could just plug in the box my broadband supplier sends me and get a lot of extra useless channels if I really wanted it. Freeview is more than enough, I do not need anything extra, and to be honest I could live without that too.  All too often, we see the same faces presented to us year after year, sometimes being paid millions of pounds to appear, and the people concerned are neither talented nor interesting.

We have lowered the denomination of information to the point where it is largely useless, education is of considerably lower quality to improve the statistics and innovation is apparently to be discouraged unless it relates to mass market products.  From ‘the bland leading the bland’ days of Tony Blair, British culture has been in a downward spiral until we now apparently have a population so stupid that they respond to our unelected PM repeating the words strong and stable over and over again in place of anything approaching attractive policy.

What became of the questioners, the innovators, the creative thinkers, the academics straying into other walks of life and seeing a new angle, or even discussing it?  What became of the BBC I used to be so proud of?  What became of honesty, hard work and the individual?  In their place we seem to now see subdued lackeys lazily carrying out the mugwump instructions of people with too much money and no imagination, who in turn are carrying out instructions from people with even more money and less imagination.

I have written many previous posts on the danger of corporatisation. It endangers education, creativity, healthcare, public service provision, politics and the nature of your daily life.  Nobody listens, because life is more convenient if you do not have to think. Perhaps if I appeared on Sky or Dave making jokes about it people would take it more seriously.

True freedom takes work and confrontation.  It involves actual debate, and an actual exchange of real ideas.  It does not need to be repressed by strong and stable leadership, and there is no passing the buck.  Sometimes freedom costs, and sometimes you really should start paying, in the form of putting some actual work in and saying NO to things that you know perfectly well just won’t work.

If the UK is to stop the American rot of complacency, lazy thinking and blaming others for their problems instead of actually helping them solve these problems, now would be a good time to do it.  No thanks, we do not wish to bomb Syria.  No thanks, we do not wish to sell the NHS.  No thanks, we do not wish to be sucked into more American economic mistakes in the form of the ‘consumption-led economy.’

I have never heard such rubbish as I heard on the news today on this very subject.  It is lazy, stupid thinking to make consumers with ever-shrinking disposable income the focus of economic policy.  It is a cop-out which leads to disaster, and if that disaster fails to affect you, it will certainly be visited upon your children.

Boris may well have had a Brexit accident, but it was a good accident.  A weak pound encourages the export trade, which is the only way of having a genuinely strong economy.  Small businesses are proportionately far better for the economy, in much the same way as feeding the poor makes more sense than tax breaks for the rich, who merely squirrel their extra money away instead of spending it.  Small businesses employ more people, innovate, answer problems far more effectively, just as the poor spend and stimulate their local area instead of sending their cash to the nearest tax haven.

If I can see this, and our government cannot, who do I vote for?  Sort yourselves out.


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Manifesto of Murder

So far on our trip along the path to the General Election, we have some disastrous proposals from both Labour and Conservative.

Speaking as a Scot, I am glad that I do not have to consider any of them.

Your choice in England is as follows:


  • Tenner an hour official minimum wage
  • A spurious fake tenner for carers which would immediately be lopped off income support
  • Common Purpose ‘Let us pretend that we do not have an underground third world economy run by people of other colours exploiting each other by using a noisy liberal racist agenda under the banner of diversity.’
  • Let us also cling to Brexit as a vote winner because the North of England is tired of having massive populations of immigrants using up all the social housing and yet having no work.
  • Let us continue to pump money into London despite saying that we are doing something for everywhere else
  • Let us set up a committee to discuss the above for at least ten years without actually implementing anything
  • Please let us not notice that the ship is sinking and we will never be out of debt
  • Let us enjoy more PFI and employ Irish builders to rebuild the last lot of crumbling buildings we still haven’t paid for.


  • We must continue to kill the disabled and welfare claimants rather than create jobs anywhere apart from London
  • We must expand the commonwealth and exploit it as we no longer have the will or capacity to create jobs in the UK
  • More tax breaks for American companies!
  • More tax breaks for foreign billionaires!
  • More tax breaks for us!
  • The NHS must be destroyed!
  • No more pensions and useless eaters!
  • Tax rises for the squeezed middle!
  • We will pay for a hard Brexit by punishing you for voting for it!
  • Negotiation is hard, please vote Labour


So basically it is not looking good for England.  People seems to be very stupid, and the dangerous assumption that politicians have some sort of divine right to distribute misery rather than shock, horror actually administrate the country properly seems to prevail very widely indeed.

Just to remind you, no politician is more talented than you are, you are perfectly capable of taking action yourself and those very impressive soundbites they are so fond of are actually written by graduate interns who barely know what they are doing, never mind anyone else.

In other words, nobody is capable of running the country and you should drop the assumption that either political theory is better.  One leads to your premature death, the other leads to bankruptcy.

Perhaps the answer is to vote for whatever is less painful in the short term, perhaps you enjoy reading about the suffering of others.  You have certainly been conditioned not to feel it if you have followed the media over the last few decades.

I miss the days of my childhood, when people still had meetings that you were allowed to disrupt and protest and actually cared about the cause they pretended to support.  It is all so fake now, and people seem to be drugged into stupidity.

Personally, I suspect that looking at Liam Fox, Philip Hammond and David Davies, Theresa has decided that she would like to just take the pension and run.  As manifestos go so far, it does not look as if the Tories actually want to be in power at all.

Whatever you do then, prepare for a thin Christmas, because as far as I can see, disaster now looms, regardless of Brexit.

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