Introduction to Ina

This week, I decided to launch myself a bit more seriously, in preparation for the finished Boris pieces, which I think are the start of a more revealing art period.  Several of the sites would like me to write a regular blog, and so here is your handy introduction to Ina Disguise.

My father, also an artist, always advised me to do anything but art, since producing artwork for money is not the happiest of experiences if you like to express anything.  Therefore, his reasoning was avoid art in order to produce better art.  This led to my becoming a habitual over worker, as I took him at his word and worked every hour I could to avoid doing any artwork for many years.

Ina Disguise came about as a result of my inability to have a conversation with David Wolfe, a natural health promoter that I wanted to talk to about some academic work I was doing on eco-economics, marketing and behavioural economics.  I managed to connect with him briefly on a few websites, but he only seemed to want to talk trash and pretend to himself that he is very clever.  I am not sure why he does this, because apart from his lousy writing and a murky past, he actually is very clever.

As my family were trying to use abusing me as an excuse to rob their own mother, this came as the last straw and I became very unhappy, despite having just lost about 160lb and looking unusually hot that year.  Therefore, after spending several months fighting off the urge to eat myself into oblivion, I started sewing, which is a habit I had previously formed whilst avoiding horrible and hurtful people and recovering from failed love affairs.  If you cannot have the relationship, you might as well have a nice carpet out of your misdirected emotions.

Since he had blocked me from actually speaking to him, after it transpired that I was unusual in seeing through his many disguises online, I then wrote Best Scandal Ever in an effort to appease and inform him why I was buttering him up in the first place.  Best Romance Ever followed, and, since I am of the opinion that keeping one’s brain balanced is rather important, I spent the time that I was not writing doing a lot more stitching.

I had previously amassed art materials with every spare penny from every job I had had since being told that I had to give up everything for my parents as nobody else in the family would ever be willing to do it.  Currently two of them are sitting idle with pensions whilst I am unable to earn my own.

Anyway, within a year of putting my work out in public, GQ had got in touch, which has been an enormous encouragement, and my work has now been in Tatler several times, and last month I realised an early ambition and managed to get a spot in World of Interiors.  I cannot tell you how much the girls from these magazines have helped me at what has been a very rough and ego bashing time.

So now I work in batches, usually five or six pieces at a time, and I have released several batches over the last four years, with varying results.  Some of the pieces are more popular with other people than me, but my experiments have taught me a lot.  Scale is a great tutor, as is ensuring that you are spoilt for stock volume in raw materials.  As with writing, the ideas you would like to have only come when you have indulged the ideas you initially think are merely basic.

Wolfe taught me a lot about marketing, allowing yourself to express even the most rudimentary ideas, on the basis that most people cannot manage that and will show some interest anyway.  There is simply no point in waiting until you are good enough, because if you don’t practise and attempt things, you don’t develop the stamina, skill and confidence to get to the good stuff.  One of my pieces, Raw Sex Object, took seven years to complete, and I am not even interested in selling it because it is really a giant sampler.

Anyway, Wolfe has never understood that I am not trying to kill his career, and I cannot be bothered explaining it to him, so I have now embarked on the Boris adventure, as I perceive Boris to be a far more settled and confident person who might actually appreciate my amusing coded communication skills.  I shall lavish attention on poor Boris until I presumably focus on a very serious person, such as the Pope.  In the meantime, enjoy the artwork.



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The most expensive handbags in the world

1001 nights diamond purse

  1. Mouawad’s 1001 nights Diamond purse $3.8 million

I rather like this one, it at least has an interesting shape and took 8800 hours to make.  I am not up to spending that amount of time on one piece quite yet.  It is gold, encrusted with several thousand diamonds.

Lieber Precious Rose Bag

2. Lieber Precious Rose bag $92,000

This one at least has a great shape and structure. Again with a couple of thousand precious stones, if you like pink I am sure it is great, and will have taken a long time to make.


Chanel Diamond Forever

3. Chanel Diamond Forever $261,000

This is a tedious bag, for tedious people who want to wear that all-important logo.  Unimaginative and a waste of a fine crocodile.

Hermes Birkin by Tanaka

4. Hermes Birkin by Ginza Tanaka $1.9 million

This is a beauty and is also very practical.  Less tasteless than the Chanel, and yet still having that all important bling.

LV tribute patchwork bag

5. LV Tribute patchwork bag $42,000

This looks as if it is begging to be a counterfeit bag that you can snap up in poundstretcher. Beyonce apparently got suckered into actually buying it.  I think Beyonce should be asking me to make one for her. At least there would only be one if she did.

6. Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton $150,000

Seriously, next time you clean out your handbag, just get some E6000 and stick the contents to the outside of the bag.

Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile handbag

7. Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile handbag $38,000

This bag is so ugly that I am not sure I have words. If you actually like this, please send me all your money so that I can save you from yourself.  Try a market stall in the average small town and you will find nicer bags.

This is a small selection of the hundreds of bags that cost about the same as a house in the UK. As you can see, money does not buy taste.

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Looking for Work


Every so often I wonder if I am managing, and I look for additional work.  Tonight, since my mother has at last returned from hospital, I looked for work from home.

I have a fair amount of experience working from home, not just because of my lack of interest in social jostling.  I worked from home for some time as my parents illnesses progressed, and so I have an unusual level of insight when it comes to work from home jobs.

I have watched carefully over the years, as home working went from quirk to fad to increasingly preferred option, and I see that I am not the only person who appreciates the lack of commute and lack of conversation involved in working from home.

Glassdoor is a good site to look at for reviews of home working options, as is the student room in the UK.  You will tend to find the reviews via your search for the company you intend to work for on Google.  I recommend this before you even think about applying for that underpaid source of vital income online.

People per hour has improved enormously since its previous incarnation, and Odesk has now become Upwork.  As long as you are willing to put in the extra hours on the pitching processes, these are invaluable if you need to supplement your dwindling income.


Clickworker is also very useful and can generate you income from all your gadgets if you are so inclined.  There are a few sites that do similar hit based work, such as Mechanical Turk if you can be bothered going through the irritating process of registering for American tax.


Lionbridge is a good direct employer, and an increasing number of successful direct employment models are now available to you if you feel working from home is for you.

I have worked for about five or six different online employers over the years, and with the exception of Ipsos Mori, they have been very good. To be fair to Ipsos Mori, they do try to create a good opportunity, but as with so many companies, internal problems make them rather miserable to work for, reflected in their poor employee reviews.  I cannot emphasise the importance of checking before you apply for information from ex employees enough.

So, yesterday JT Coxx advertised a free seminar on my Facebook timeline.  The enticing advertisement said that there were too few female motivational speakers, and naturally my interest was piqued, being something of a motivational speaking connoisseur.  I duly checked the reviews, to find that JT Coxx is considered worldwide to be an abrasive, arrogant scammer who creates free seminars to con people out of hundreds and thousands of dollars.  This theme seemed familiar, given the descriptions I had previously been given of the boiler room tactics employed by David Wolfe. They are cut from similar cloth, being in the voice-of-yesteryear Tony Robbins punch the air market.

Sadly, I decided not to bother with the free seminar from JT Coxx.  The quality just wasn’t up to much, and I cannot afford to squander my time and money on Wolfe. So, my conclusion tonight, when reviewing the working from home, hiding from the world options, was

Why am I looking to write blog posts and copy for other people for button money, when I should be developing my online presence?

Which in itself, of course is a motivational statement – why be a follower when you can be a leader?  The pay may not emerge for some time, if ever, but far better to position yourself as a predator rather than prey, whether you are grazing stock, in the form of an employee, or prey in the form of the horror of being an actual customer!

So, there hangs the crux of the matter. Rather than concentrating on the Zig Ziglar school of not being a moaner, don’t put yourself in the position of having something to moan about – avoid irritants where possible.  Separate yourself from the idea of being an employee, and instead strategise ways of freeing yourself from the whole paradigm.  If you must be employed – seek out miserable jobs to remind yourself why you are looking elsewhere for inspiration.  That is the key to being a great employee after all, playing a role that you despise as well as you possibly can under difficult circumstances.

I think in order to progress, I will release the existing work on audible and work on hubpages.  The carpet is needing my attention once I have my mother in a more stable state of health.  Thereafter I will keep a closer look at the world of employment, to remind myself why I really need to get a move on to avoid it.


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The Joy of Trump


Now that he has seduced the rednecks with this lovely performance from his campaign, we are being told that the Rockettes have been told that they are not permitted to refuse to perform for the presidential inauguration.  Take a look at the Rockettes for comparative purposes:

This is a clear upgrade on the same theme, Trump is simply announcing a move to the big league of desperately old fashioned American entertainment.

In addition, Putin and Trump have evidently agreed to renew their arms race with a view to telling he rest of the world what to do, presumably involving killing a lot more people.

Expect increased radicalisation, more terror attacks and further moves to divide and conquer at the expense of hippy dipshit Europe in the developing nations.  There are cost-effective ways of countering this impending doom scenario, but will anybody in the Conservative government have the time or inclination to notice?  This after all gives permission to up national security and buy more weapons with money which is needed to stop sectors of the British population from starving to death.

So, as usual you are being told the opposite of the truth.  Buying more weapons is supposed to be the answer to world peace, spending more money will help people by killing them, and America persists in thinking they are policing the rest of the world.

Likewise we have now been told that starving the unemployed does not work No evidence that welfare sanctions work and that they cannot find a way of preserving the income of the one million millionaires, so they cannot figure out how to Brexit.  Brexit is essential for your future safety, never mind actually earning a living.  The misery of domestic political lies started a very long time before the crash of 2008.  As far back as 2002 we were told not to admit to the lack of jobs, because middle class people don’t talk about struggling.

Fuck that, frankly, we have been mismanaged by self-interest for some time.  At some point during the Thatcher government, the brakes were taken off the banks in the form of them no longer having to ensure that virtual money represented real money.  We have ridden a false wave of spurious growth ever since.

This has not been helped by the fashion in recent decades for employing people who will say yes to anything to pay their mortgage.  In real terms the economy of the UK as well as America benefited hugely from a culture of honesty and innovation, which is why Trump is so fond of using this terribly old-fashioned imagery.  He has no intention of backing that up, but this is why it is appealing.  Those of us who remember the popular post-war culture of honesty, bravery and growth feel some fondness for the spirit of patriotism in the form of working together towards a common goal.

The reason for the encouragement of dishonest behaviour for money, lack of empathy for others, labelling people who do not share our views, and fear of admitting that actually borders are a good thing is corporate expediency, which is what both Clinton and Trump represent in real terms, but on a different basis.  Trump is all out for himself and his fellow billionaire, with the same trickle down lies that goes with that that Clinton would support in the form of open globalisation.  It is all at your expense.  At no point does anybody want to help you, unless it involves you giving them yet more money.

And so the cycle continues, and as long as you use the same shops, vote the same way, respond emotionally with helplessness and play facile games on facebook instead of actually taking action, the cycle will continue until one day you will find yourself walking past a starved corpse on the street and not caring.  At all.

Think about that whilst you eat your Christmas dinner.


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Immigration and cultural problems

Earlier this week, a young lady was posting about unemployed people sitting on their bottoms and complaining about immigrants taking jobs.  She was very young and clearly had a job, and so I said:

“Spoken like a person who has never filled a garbage bag with rejection letters.”

She immediately retorted that as someone who has, I was not her target.  So I wondered, does this mean you are to pay for your assumed racism with job applications?  This is the logical conclusion of her conversation so far, is it not? She is basically saying that in order to have a legitimate complaint against immigration, you need to have an unreasonable obsession with finding work and not getting it.

For one thing, unemployed people sitting on their ass and not applying for jobs no longer exist.  These people are sanctioned and are supposed to starve to death under the current rules. Other ‘useless eaters’ such as the disabled are also penalised and told that with three limbs missing (in at least one case) they are fit for work.  For another, concerns about immigration rise directly in relation to the availability of work and other resources.  THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH JOBS IN THE UK TO SUPPORT THE CURRENT POPULATION.

Syrian Girl, a vlogger on youtube, was actually the first person I heard who was keen to ensure that everyone is aware that the European experiment, free movement and the welcoming and dispersal of asylum seekers is actually just about depressing wages and making it easier for employers to exploit workers.

The people who you are keen to blame for their unemployment, meanwhile, used to be employed in factories, in catering establishments and in small businesses which the European experiment has gone quite a long way to phasing out.  Manufacturing suffered because it was cheaper to outsource, catering suffered because of the reduction of cash in the economy and the smoking ban, small business suffered because bigger businesses successfully lobbied for concessions to expand, hence the corner shop is being replaced by mini versions of the large supermarket chain.  Tesco, Sainsbury’s both have a presence in the smaller main streets to wipe out the sole trader businesses that immigrants and locals alike started when they could not otherwise find work.

Hence, your opportunities are more limited all the time, and more people means more competition for jobs which pay less.  No sensible person that genuinely cares about the people around them supports unlimited immigration and a reduction in basic wage and self employed opportunities.

And yet we hear people doing this all the time, associating it with being a ‘right on’ open minded person.  The population have been conned into a trap, where they are exploited in order to justify spending their taxes on bombing other countries, whose populations quite rightly decide to leave and seek safety and work elsewhere.

If you are following what I am saying so far, you will now be aware that you are screwed, and that continuing with the same views will ensure that your children, and their children will be even more screwed.  The alternative, of pulling out of violence in other countries, of being more prudent with your borders, of safeguarding your own opportunities, may not be fashionable, but it creates a healthier micro level economy and competition for the future.  Supporting business at the expense of the individual is basically supporting corporate fascism.

So, the next time somebody calls you a Nazi for being concerned about your country being overcrowded, you can easily explain why the real fascists are pro-Europe, pro-immigration right on liberals who want to see you crushed out of starting your own business, earning small wages for your underemployed situation with one of the big players such as Walmart (Asda)  who in turn have direct ties to pharmaceutical companies. They also tend to have places on the Board of Nutrition to tell you what to go out and buy.  Hence, you adhere to the nutrition guidelines and wonder why you always feel under par, ending up with heart disease, diabetes and dementia in line with whatever drug is most profitable.

If you particularly relish this, carry on pretending that borders don’t matter.

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Kindness is a Sin

Businesses do not exist to take care of people, they exist to extract money and provide something that the customer wants.  The businesses that tell you that they are taking care of you are often the worst of the lot.  Take the cuddly advertisements for chemical companies, which often use childlike graphics to persuade you that they are doing something good for you, your family and your immediate environment whilst doing the exact opposite.

Until this point in global history, governments have been, with the exception of very unusual circumstances, bigger and in possession of better credit than businesses, and people have trusted them to take care of their welfare.  TTIP and TIPP seek to reverse that.  I forsee several developing nations collapsing entirely, jobs going to the ASEAN nations whilst America and Europe become rather backward regions where most of the population exist at the mercy of the very few.  This will be enhanced by modifying education and the media to enable people to genuinely believe that money means merit.  A scanty look at the people you know will tell you that the smart ones are not the same as the rich ones.  It is a matter of priorities as well as your ability to look convincing when you say yes to anything said to you.

As I have mentioned in several previous articles, it is in your hands.  You as the consumer, could reverse this progress tomorrow if you stopped feeding the companies large enough to control governments.  You probably won’t do it.  Why?  Because you have a busy life, scraping your living from your employer, who requires you to say yes in order to pay for the roof over your head etc etc.  This makes, for example, going to the supermarket more convenient, which in itself precludes you from starting a grocer’s, deli, goods store etc because everyone else is, like you, going to the supermarket to hand over their money to the same people. It is as much a question of convenience as it is belief.

It is not complicated to think that if you do enrich smaller businesses, it puts them in a position where the barriers to entry to compete with larger businesses  in a hugely monopolistic situation are more manageable.  I would like to know what happened to Anti-trust laws, now only non-cronies appear to be prosecuted for creating situations in which small versions of large supermarkets, for example, put successful corner shops out of business. Another example was Remax, who had the employees pay for over-expansion to reduce their competition. We all live in an inherently corrupt society, where we are told that we have no power because we have little money and we sit back and believe it whilst sustaining a system that cannot work well for us.

In the event that you have a problem, the simple answer is to pick up your wallet and go elsewhere.  That is the nature of capitalism.  There is now no other way of rebelling against a system that does not suit us, because we allowed businesses to become bigger than government, and the trade agreements that America is conning our middle management politicians into signing will nail this to the wall.  Never trust a corporatist.  America is a corporatist country. Mussolini had very interesting things to say about corporatism, feel free to look it up yourself.

In contrast, I wake up with a list of things I would like to do to help people every morning.  Many of those things make no sense to anyone but me.  I do not think that it is odd to do this, it would take more effort not to.  I explained this to many of my friends before I removed them from my life.  Why did I remove them?  I was told that this was a crazy way to live, that you should always consider yourself first.  When it comes to parting with my money I understand this, but not when it comes to giving people what they actually want.

What everyone, no matter how scatty,  longs for is a sense of becoming what they dream of being. There is no shame in asking for what you want, however oddly this is presented.  There is shame in rejecting what you want when it is offered to you.

My personal system of responsibility is entirely different from someone who has other wishes, for their children’s future, or a new car, or their parents to be neatly tidied away rather than free to make a mess, keep them awake and generally tell them they are awful. My responsibility is to the soul.  I think there should be more people like me, and less corporations who exist to take your money, your future opportunities and those of your children for their own growth, in order to dictate the future of a declining planet.  I am goddess of my own personal religion.  I do not ask anyone to join it, but I do care to point out that my crazy, kind little niche is a lot more pleasant than the current future of the Western world. I do not play by the rules, because the rules are wrong in the first place. Dreams are real.  Reality is transient. I plan to remain defiantly kind, even if it means my inability to tug my forelock or respect the cash means that I will be financially poor.

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Realities of Independence

I was avoiding writing this, because it is a complicated economic post, and it may dissuade some SNP members from their enthusiasm, but since I am a bit fed up today, I think I will write it now.


As my Slovenian friend tells me, it is likely that the Uk will say anything to stop Scotland from voting for independence, and there is a huge chunk of the population who find it much easier to simply do as they are told in order to avoid the unexpected.  The SNP have always been extremely good at avoiding being left or right, but some of the ice cream policies I mentioned yesterday indicate that they are leaning to the left.


There is nothing at all wrong with leaning to the left, but it is not what you require when you are building a country.  Many of the policies they are pursuing today are anti-austerity with good reason – independence is a good idea and they would like you to vote for it.


Having said this, there has to be a firm system of priorities in order to get Scotland to pay for itself in a short period of time.  Priorities which are not at all attractive, cuddly or pleasant.


In order to attract investment and create jobs, for example, particularly unskilled jobs, since we lost so many of those after the smoking ban and after the deprioritisation of manufacturing and industry during the Thatcher era, several harsh and ugly decisions have to be made, including:

not being particularly fussy about what gets built on brownfield sites, and reclassifying some greenfield sites to accommodate companies willing to employ people. Objections to developments such as the Pink Flamingo development at Balloch would have to be ignored, and many sleepy beauty spots would have to be developed. Removal of the EU VAT imposition on the refurbishment of often historic property would at least preserve some quality buildings.
welcoming low paid jobs – I have never been a fan of the minimum wage, since I started work without it and out-earned my employer within a fortnight.  People have to get on the employment ladder somehow, however for this to work properly it has to be implemented alongside:
radical housing benefit changes, with landlords given incentives for developing their properties in the form of a tie-in between property value and rents.  This would also greatly ease the hardship we are about to face in the form of the massive homelessness problem from November, when housing benefit for families is to be capped, and in some cases removed entirely, some estimates are predicting half a million homeless children from November onwards under the Tories. This would also send families out of the city to larger, cheaper properties in areas which need children to keep schools and medical centres going.
awareness of the over-education of the Scottish workforce.  As someone who has a very good degree, which I was repeatedly told made me over-qualified in Scotland, and whose friends went to England for their initial post qualifying jobs or stacked shelves, I am all too aware of the number of people in Scotland who have never got to actually use their education.  It is all very well becoming a mecca for students but they need to have something to do after they qualify other than gnash their teeth over the welcoming and funding of overseas graduates to encourage them to stay in Scotland when so many of us get nothing out of our pile of debt.
As I have said before, Scotland needs at least one generation of factories in order to beget the second or third generation of supporting services to be able to afford nice policies like the extension of childcare and free prescriptions.
Scotland being welcoming to all – unless you provide a clear plan of how you are going to double the number of jobs and encourage the small to medium size business sector, this will not last long.
Certain sectors, such as engineering and shipbuilding, are greatly aided by coastal commerce, which has been largely destroyed by the EU agreement to disallow Scottish fishing or place it under quota.  We have already lost a great deal of the skills we formerly had because of this, and this needs to be rectified.
IT and games manufacture is a good, skill rich area to concentrate on, as is financial services, since the banks in England are looking elsewhere.  These are east coast industries at present, and it would be wise to continue with what works.

You cannot simply make popular and worthy sounding policies without paying for them, and indicating to no voters, who are often worried homeowners and forelock tugging employees, that you plan to do this by making their lives more difficult is not likely to make independence a popular option.  A clear decisive way of making Scotland pay for itself without oil is something that you should have a team of economists working on plans for NOW rather than later.  This is exactly what I mean by ‘ice-cream’ policies – policies that sound worthy, but it is unclear how you envisage this working for the Scottish taxpayer unless there are a lot more of them.


Under Labour, local councils have made polices which mean you are penalised for having savings or owning your house as it is.  It is stretching credulity to suppose that Tory leaning No voters are looking fondly at expensive but popular options at this point.  It might be wise to provide some reassurance.



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Cleaning up the trash

Released Mandatory Equality as a free book this week, since it was doing nothing for me as a paid test shot.  I was not applying myself to marketing, as I had the excuse of the ill houseguest to not bother promoting myself.


I have also put a couple of the wonkier prototypes on Ebay, with a view to promoting the Etsy store and getting my name out.  everipedia have made me a verified member and editor, and I have caught up with most of the personal admin most people do not ignore for six months because they are fretting over other people’s well being.


I have come to the conclusion that the Better Person Project, Etsy and the books are currently dead ends.  I have four books on the way, two shorties and two long ones, having lost the manuscripts to computer problems yet again I have reframed the scene lists slightly and am cleaning up the house, hence the Ebay store.


Since my birthday I have dropped about 30lb, because I have taken up supermix again.  Don’t get me wrong, drinking ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day is not particularly good fun, but it does get you out of pain, sorts out your skin and hair and flushes out a lot of poison.  I haven’t started on wangling myself an hour out of the house every day yet, but given that mother seems to have taken up sleeping 22 hours a day, I am hoping this will not be a problem when I am ready to face the world again.


In the meantime, I will be returning to study and getting the mandala and the books out, which should not take terribly long.  I also have plans for a visual novel/game, which was considerably held up by my friend, who apparently cannot work with other people at all.  He pretends he is going to, and it appears to cause him so much stress that he does not do it.  So many projects have not got off the ground because of this that he has turned himself into a timewaster.


The underlying problem with all of this is marketing.  I tend to feel that my products are under development, which is all very well, but you cannot be under development forever.  I think the Mandala has got me to the point I wanted to be at with the Ormus handbags.  It has the old school Persian/Russian theme of Honey I made you an icon, but there is still a great deal of work to do on it,


artwork 024


I haven’t decided on prices for that and the screen yet, but they will be available shortly, as I cannot be bothered having old work hanging around when I need space for new work.


In the meantime the following are up for auction at a very low price, just to rid the shop of things I do not like anymore:




If either of those float your boat, or you want the jacket, which is also still here, drop me a line in the comments below.









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Saving Face

Saving face is my topic for tonight.  Saving face is what causes people to ramble anxiously when they don’t really know what they are talking about.  Saving face is what causes suicides in Japan, and honour killings in India, Pakistan and the Middle East.  Saving face is also heavily involved in blame culture.


Note that all of these consequences of saving face are negative.  There is nothing good about the idea of saving face. Fuck your stupid face.


Having spent a decade of formative years in high-pressure catering work, where there is no such thing as saving face, I can tell you how annoying it is to be around people seemingly obsessed with it.  It is very simple – you either get it right or you don’t, and unless you are one of those rare beasts like Boris,  who is not that interested in saving face, despite his career choices, you are more likely to stick with your bone-headed opinion forever like David Wolfe.


Saving face is time-wasting, a product of ego, vain and when you can see through it, extremely irritating.  There is absolutely no excuse for sticking with the same wrong opinion or dearly held belief just because people have been doing it for centuries before you, or because you are trapped in some stupid cultural norm of ‘doing what is expected of you.’  So what if you are a diet guru who digs fat chicks, or a male head of the household whose wife earns more than you do?  Really, so what?


The inability to think your way out of a state of requiring that you must save your tedious face is a sure sign of inane vanity.  It is not something I regard as forgiveable. To err is human, but the divine does not forgive you setting your wife on fire, hurling yourself out of a window or worrying about what your equally stupid neighbours or friends think.


One of the few things America has got right is discarding, to a certain extent, the idea of saving face.  The obsession with money has helped with this.  If you fail, you have no option, as a yank, but to move on and be successful at something else before your health insurance and ‘gasoline’ runs out.  They may be extremely dumb about other things, but acknowledging and moving on from failure is something they do reasonably well. Look at the example of Trump.  They see no reason at all for not voting for a man on trial in two states for fraud and rape in at least one other state! No question of his saving face then!


Ultimately in life, it is imperative to learn how to shrug and move on.  Sometimes mistakes cannot be cleared up immediately, and sometimes they are catastrophic, but you will find out fairly early in life, if you are any kind of person at all, that you are a lot more worthy of respect if you simply acknowledge your error rather than finding someone else to dump it on.


In recent years, it has become fashionable to try to spin your errors onto someone else.  This has been extremely bad for the economy and for talented individuals it is also extremely frustrating for learning.  If you are not allowed to point out and correct errors, nothing can change and little errors quickly turn into enormous disasters.  (The banking crisis being a case in point.)


So, whilst mistakes are inevitable, it is important for you as a well rounded individual to learn from them and take responsibility for them, at least in your own mind whilst you find some poor sap to take the blame so you can retain your promotion.  Remember that cheats get promoted, and the lower in the organisation you are, the more likely you are to be sinfully honest. (see the bagel experiment)


Try not to kill your wife and children, ruin anybody’s life or jump out of any windows.  It isn’t worth it.  Shit happens, and if you have even half a brain you will figure out a way of getting around it.



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Product, Brand and Consistency

Product, brand, consistency
OK, I have made a lot of lazy posts recently, because I was feeling a bit low due to a crap diet and feeling a bit browbeaten.  I think it is time to get back on track really.
Conclusions I have drawn from the last two and a half yearsIf you are marketing yourself with no money, consistency is key.  Putting yourself out there takes dedication, daily attention and perseverance.  In the absence of a budget, you need to set aside about two hours a day for getting your name out.  It has been said that people need to see your name around nine times now before they notice it, even if you have a shit hot product.
Books do not make money unless you have an established name.  This means you either throw some money at creating a brand, or you create a cool underground product and rely on word of mouth.  This means the contents of your product also need to be consistent. I am not so worried about the books, although I can spin a yarn, so to speak. I really put the books out to promote other things, such as the artwork on the cover, or the subject matter.  It is a cheap and cost-effective way of making more people aware of my doing something, basically.
Cross marketing is a long winded way of going about things, but it still works to an extent.  I still have three distinct groups of people interested in what I do, the blog readers, the book readers and the artwork peeps.  Until I add the gamers, I do not think this is getting me far at sufficient speed.
The artwork takes a very long time, and a lot of space in my house.  My eyesight is no longer perfect, which is kind of annoying, and I am already making changes to some things, like beadwork, as I know it will make this worse, so I think it will ultimately be phased out, although I still have two to three years worth of work to finish.
I am disinterested in some aspects of marketing, and even though the information is available, I do not use it.  I need to pay more attention to getting my name out and improve on my strategy, which has actually been fairly successful so far.
Deadlines are depressing, and I do not enjoy them any more.  I think the work is better when I do not set them, which renders me a keen amateur rather than the professional I perhaps ought to be.On a personal note

I need to be a lot less tolerant of timewasters and people who set out to obstruct what I am doing.  This has cost around six years of time over the last three.  If I include the time Wolfe wasted before I started this project, we can take that up to a decade of wasted time because I was weeping or worrying about people that do not give a shit about me.
I cannot afford to make myself ill with food again.
I need to get out now and again.
Sometimes it is better to stop what you are doing in order to get something off the list, just because it feels less cluttered
I need to sell some items that I have created (such as computers) in order to get the stuff I need  (such as software) I need to get an Ebay store going in order to shift some wool that I will never use for anything.
I have about thirty courses to finish, and it is far more important that I do this than anything else.
It is imperative that I do the Boris Experience project, as I think he is a more deserving and appreciative case than David Wolfe. There, I said it.
My ideas are better than I think they are, and it is time I appreciated me and stopped listening to other people at all.
My health is more important than ANYBODY

Rant over for today

Mandala carpet and Perfect Posterior finished and on Etsy
Market the screen and Honey I made you an icon from the website
Set up Ebay wool store to shift some unusable wool
Sell at least three computers
Build another two computers
Best Adventure Ever

Then I need to up the marketing effort and put out a short story every week, building the youtube channel and finding an alternative audio stream since Ina has no face.

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