Lying for Money

I’ve never lied to a company once in the course of my life, and I am not starting now.

This is not an easy way of life.  Most, if not all people lie for money.  I don’t.

My reasoning being that on my father’s side I have a proud history to live up to, and the rest of the family aren’t capable of it, nor do they even know about it, because my father did not choose to tell them.

I had an induction this week indicating that I am expected to lie.  I don’t plan to.  The offer on the table is not particularly edifying.

Explained the situation with the staring brats, in very vague terms.  They will be asking me more about this.  I look forward to it.  I still don’t plan to lie to them.

If Boris would care to get in touch, I am close to being free enough to be of some help if he wants. I’m very pissed off with how things are going.

Started walking again, finally after the revolting events at the Scottish Government.  I just realised how horrible that place was.  I was quite right to kiss them goodbye.

Anyway, from tomorrow things may look even more whacky doodle, because I cannot lie.

I think businesses who ask their staff to lie to them deserve to fail.

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