Mrs Shiva


I see you are back indulging in your husband’s fixation, so I will write you a note.

I have absolutely no reason to lie to you at this point, and I am also going to presume to give you some advice, so hold tight.

I did not know anything about you until after the job was over, when I looked him up on companies house.  Everyone in the office apart from me knew about you, he said nothing to me because he was apparently attempting to crank things up for the sadist. It was extremely hurtful that nobody told me.

There was a lot of male bullshitting, because I have never seen a man work so hard to get attention as he did.  Do not take that personally, he likes attention, and if you persist in attempting to be married from the other end of the country, he isn’t getting that from you. Note it is attention that is the issue and not sex.

I totally ignored him because I believed that he was sleeping with a married woman in the office, whom he paid very close and not very pleasant attention to all the time I was there.  You certainly cannot accuse me of untoward flirting, because I did not even look at him due to the unpleasant atmosphere created by the crap management in that office.

He is not much of a leader, mainly due to immaturity and lack of confidence.  He gets very angry very easily, which I imagine is not much fun to live with.  You will remember I was trying to resolve that at the time, and recommended you a book, which I still think you should get.

The reason he is fixated on this website is much the same reason he stared in the office, and as he has a compulsive personality, he finds it difficult to stop.  I have already said you will be getting a picture of the chair when it is finished, which is likely to be into next year now due to temperatures.

Having said that, past observation tells me that he likes you a whole lot more than you like him, so you could try at least pretending to like him. He would blossom if you took it even further than that and actually liked him.

Nobody ever suggested that you weren’t enough for him, so I am not sure why that was a worry. Absolutely no guile was in evidence, as I do not have any.  The other girl was not happy at all.

I am actually too young for him, his ideal is older than me, so watch out for very much older ladies if you are concerned in the future.

Good luck, and see if you can find a job nearer him. Get yourself knocked up, that might settle things a bit.




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Still missing the Point

And still they continue trying to comment without reading or bothering to actually think about what they are saying.  Ewww we like him, we don’t like you.  Guess what?  I don’t care!

Now they are repeatedly presenting me with the gay dude’s admittedly tasteless conversation with the married homophobe.

Yes, I have seen what the tasteless gay man said to the married homophobe.  It is no worse than any woman on facebook has seen whilst being shown dick pics, if we behaved like that the police would be mighty busy.

It does not justify you wanting to imprison him for it, and it does not justify your stinking attitude to other people, apparently including anyone who disagrees with the party line.

Having been on the receiving end of similarly childish and thoughtless behaviour, I am not interested in whether you find the gay dude tasteful or not, or whether you regard justice as applying to everyone else but you.

I do find your mobbing behaviour pretty disgusting, and I also find your inability to think disgusting.

As for the casual racism of Bawbag and Little Shiva, you can have that too.  I am not interested.  I extended my positive attitude and got a load of bullshit in response, backed up by similarly confused twats.

Why don’t you now go back to watching box sets and counting the money you don’t have?  Perhaps you can stab someone else in the face tomorrow for something you all agree to object to? Nice little crowd you got there.

Why not have a go at the disabled and elderly tomorrow? Honestly it is incredibly frightening that your generation will be attempting politics in ten years.

Being married or from another country is not an excuse for treating everybody else like shit, by the way, just in case you need additional instruction on basic human decency.



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American hysteria alive and well

Gosh the website has been busy today.  I have been called a ‘disgusting person’ and have thus far blocked four unusually narrow minded and dense authors.

I cited several examples of bigotry, if you were capable of actually reading the post, I cited two examples of religious bigotry, I cited fascistic bigotry, I cited ageist bigotry, I cited bigotry against women before I got to the homophobic bigotry of trying to get a gay man arrested for looking at you.

Apparently homophobia is acceptable if you are married.  I have never been less impressed with the  intellect of the yank team.

I am quite sure this post will escalate the hysteria, as they all seem very keen to express their distaste for gay men with the unfortunate affliction of sight in their eyes. They apparently have no difficulty in being very loud about this.

This is very interesting, that they now feel quite free to deflect this on to the one person that said something to the guy that started it.  Pitchfork justice is alive and well.

Isn’t it interesting that they have absolutely no insight into their behaviour whilst screeching about other people?

If this is the society you want to live in, you can keep it.


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PC Bigotry

I have seen a lot of bigots in the recent past, most of them millennials.

First we had the genius punting American corporate propaganda to his robotic staff, most of whom told him how wonderful it was to preserve their temporary income.  When I pointed out that this was how World War 2 started, he was aghast, but he has moved most of his operation back to the Land of the Free, a country which inspired many of Hitler’s ideas in the first place.

Then we had Little Shiva, who had a manager backing him to claim that anything he claimed was harassment, was actual harassment, which led to the ridiculous situation of a very polite email stating that I was an artist and author being cited as harassment.  He later claimed that it was the Sadist that did this, but in order for the Sadist to do this, he had to have the email in the first place. Little Shiva then proceeded to stare constantly for weeks whilst I completely ignored him, which rendered him even more furious.  He is still doing it.

When I pointed out that people asked each other out for drinks by email all the time, and that any one of these emails could then be cited as harassment, that was considered OK because it was not me doing it.

Following this, we had more false accusations, and I also had to call out a public body for allowing extensive ageism in the workplace.  The same people who will accuse you of racism for using the word Muslim in a conversation about Islam feel quite free to laugh about having their older relatives terminated in order to pay their student loans. Not just once, day after day after day.

Of course you have to bear in mind that this kind of confusion is exactly what globalists want.  It is highly desirable to have a heavily diverse population, who are unlikely to form collectives or campaign for a fair wage or a right to a pension.  It is highly desirable because it makes everybody easier to manipulate.

It also makes it easier to impose entirely false and unfair judgements on individual situations depending on whom you are trying to oil up.  Haram Bawbag, for example had no trouble finding support for his bullshit, whereas were I to threaten somebody and then choose to literally scream for an hour on the phone I doubt I would find much in the way of assistance.

Today we have the icing on the cake, an author that was previously on my friend’s list decides that a gay man seeing him in his home village and messaging him to attempt a relationship is now apparently stalking.

It is only stalking if you don’t happen to want to sword fight with your tiny sausage.  Otherwise grow the fuck up, say no thank you and get on with the rest of your very, very sad life.

That goes for the rest of you too.



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Too much to do

I cannot take any more input at the moment, there is far too much to do.

There are many reasons why you do not want to live with an artist.

  1.  In my case, I take up a lot of space, and there is work going on everywhere at home, so I often wander off and do not return for an hour or more.
  2. I am always working, even when sleeping, so my mind is often not pointing at you.
  3. Nothing is more important than the workload, whether that is creating, writing or going to an actual job, so you are constantly fighting for attention.
  4. Seemingly random things are very important one day, and then forgotten entirely for weeks because of the focus.
  5. Whilst letting go of caring what other people think is highly desirable, it is not everyone’s cup of tea.  I often see even quite well regarded people who are still in the trap of caring what other people think of them, and I frankly feel sorry for them.
  6. Even I do not like everything that I do, and the reason for doing it is often not clear for a few years at a time.  This makes evaluation difficult.  For example, I particularly dislike Rebecca Brooks is fit for work, but it looks great in my kitchen because of the other items in the room and it is very handy.  It is unlikely to make sense that I will happily spend time and money on a piece that I hate throughout, but as I am often working on another idea that I need to practise on to clarify it, it is often unlikely that I can explain that. I really made that piece for my mother and she enjoyed it, so although I hate it, it is not going anywhere.
  7. When you are with a person who is in a constant state of self-development, you can feel that they will grow out of you, which again does not suit everyone.
  8. Not every artist focuses on people.  I have because that is what provokes emotion and the compulsion to make things, it is also very positive emotionally because even when disasters happen, you can use it for something else. That is alarming for prospective partners, some of whom would prefer that you be devastated by their bullshit.
  9. It is impossible to relax when you are constantly sparking off new ideas.  That is not easy to deal with, especially as every word gets used for something.
  10. Ego – writing and art are both ego-led activities.  Some people are more resilient than others.  I am pretty sure many of the people taking a pop at me recently would not withstand the regular negativity of other people that I have shrugged off.
  11. Not giving a shit about your appearance.  I am often covered in glue or resin, and I will forget about health for months if I am sufficiently entranced by what I am doing.  Little Shiva, for example, has made me rather fat because I haven’t lifted my head in 9 months.  Normally I will finish in 3 months and go and deal with things like breathing, but this period has been intense work.
  12. Crazy priorities.  It is very difficult to distract someone who only cares about work.

And then there are the inappropriate choices you make because of your wiring.  I did not end up liking Little Shiva as a person, for example, but he was a hugely productive error of judgement and I otherwise adored him.  I have no idea why he is still on the website, I am assuming it is to do with his rather distant home life, but I assume it is vanity or loneliness that keeps him checking up on progress.  He still has rather a long wait ahead.

It is most interesting when you meet people who are highly creative and who have had it battered out of them, either by a love of convention, or by personal shame, or by family stuff.  It clearly drives them quite crazy.  One chap I have encountered recently is beautifully turned out and drinks far too much, to the point of manipulating and judging other people, simply to numb his nerves.

What I am getting at with this is that your emotional state should not get the better of you in terms of behaviour.  Far better to use it for something useful, like developing your brain to deal with other problems.  It is quite incredible how beneficial working in 3 dimensions is for your writing, for example.

Anyway, I have some 2 dimensional business to take care off, so toodle pip.


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Cute Grumpy Dude

Ah well, them’s the breaks.  Cute Grumpy Dude is now so grumpy that I can’t talk to him.  He looks a bit like a Phil Collins fan anyway so am busy learning torturous lyrics.

Otherwise things going well. Am liking the Sikh vibe.


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The usual suspects

Since I last posted, we have had visits from Little Shiva, malignant sister, the Sadist, Haram Bawbag.  This is rather tragic.  Why can’t you manage to make your lives more interesting?

In the meantime, I am working on two new stores, still moving towards the release of my new project, and am thinking how best to approach a project I will not be releasing for another year.  I have two new jobs alongside my existing workload, and have completed some tasks I was behind with because I was spending too much time with my friend.

Had a look at Bawbag’s cafe today.  It looks a bit like a stoned teenager’s bedroom.  I could not even be bothered reading the menu.  Bawbag’s thing seemed to be to pretend to be you, even as he tells everyone else that you are whatever he has made up.

It seems to me that being stupid is currently considered highly desirable, and that the only way of either meeting anyone or gaining any security is to pretend to be stupid.

Met an old co-worker this week who had worked for an ex boyfriend and mistook me sculpting for something he used to do.  The ensuing conversation was quite funny.

I’m tired of just about everything.  People such as the above seem to be largely full of shit, and shit is very very boring.  Why don’t you spend your time getting lives of your own? Try some introspection.

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