The Worthless Rich

I told a very rich man he was worthless today.  He laughed hysterically as if this could not possibly be true.  He does not understand basic values.  As such he is the poorest person I have ever met.

He has managed to get himself into a spot of bother here, as he does not understand the culture he has been living in for over a decade.  He believes that people are taken in by his bonhomie.  He is mistaken.

So that is how I have spent the last few weeks, providing friendship for someone who does not understand what it is, and providing free artwork for someone who neither understands nor values it.  I have wasted time I could have spent on something worthwhile.  I was mistaken.

Dem’s the breaks.  In the meantime Little Shiva’s piece is going very well.



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Artwork News

Well I appear to be heavily involved in doing some public work at last, so things are pretty busy at the moment.

Little Shiva, who is still watching the blog very closely despite my having selfishly neglected updating in ages, will be happy to know we are reaching the end of stage one of the chair.  In a week or so I will be starting the next part, which is  the shell.  You are very loyal in your own funny way.

Then it will be the tongues, and the shell will take a couple of months to build.  I also have to make the windows and find something for the base.

W0rking crazy hours at the moment and hoping to launch the superfood soon, although I will probably do it under another name.

I miss you.


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