Where is Staring Brat 2?

I’m quite missing him actually, he’s been gone since before the weekend. Should he stop by, the bank is now banned from the website.

He’s probably bored.  So am I.

Collection is going well, looking a bit more fashiony than usual so far, but there is a long way to go.  This weekend has been very pink, but i got some good work done, and dug out some old stuff i had on the way for Wolfe, which I will finish off at the same time.

This is going to be a mammoth update, so it will take a little while to put together. The chair is not doing anything until the update is done, so don’t hang around until next autumn for that.

In the meantime, been turned down for another job I could easily do, which I have queried.

Met a creative person at work.  She said she was creative, but it seemed to involve watching youtube videos and visiting the CCA.  I did try not to say anything but I kind of did.

Anyway busy working towards the IRS and getting the taxation sorted out for Amazon, so once that’s done Ina will look a bit different and require a lot more work, which is tiresome but necessary.

After this update I will probably focus on the games and courses for further games.

No sign of the nice porn star, but I haven’t checked recently.  Met a cute Kurdish dude.

Not sure if I’m gaining or losing weight.  I haven’t been out much, because of the work, but some clothes are smaller and some much bigger, which is a bit odd.

Need to figure out some balance.  I’m getting a bit bored.

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It’s the weekend, time for work

We get to Saturday night this week before I can start work, mainly because I spent any available breaks this week ahem working.  Went to  Broomhill and got a couple of coffees from Kothel to celebrate.

The shoes are at stage one, the handbag collection has grown, I have several sources of inspiration so there will be a number of new styles developing, plus some unfinished work.

Unsurprising Habits of Unsuccessful people is very popular with heavy duty writers, so we have a rather unexpected hit on our hands.  Not a huge number of downloads, but certainly critical acclaim.  I have created a mug to celebrate, and once I have my tax situation sorted out, hopefully this evening, I will be doing mugs for all the covers. You can find it on the free books page, and the mug is available from my store on etsy.

Busy busy,


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And so the Brexit War truly begins …


Today’s news is not great.  With any luck however, it means that Theresa May is heading for retirement and the deal is not final yet.  We have to wait and see.

For the remainers and the nats that still read this now and again – here is why Brexit has been a good thing so far, regardless of the reasoning or cause:

  1. Half of the population demanding cheap holidays and claiming that the other half are racists for wanting the poor to have work in tourism and manufacturing is neither informed nor sensible.
  2. Do you know the difference between money in and money out?  The UK has run a trade deficit for decades, which has been used in part as an excuse for austerity measures, hurting the poor, disabled and elderly.  Not only have tourism and manufacturing revived, I am now able to work outside the UK and bring money in, which was not worth doing with a strong pound.  Even a child must understand that money flowing into the economy is better than money continuously being spent.
  3. 55% of Scotland were stupid and sufficiently badly educated about history to want to reject independence.  They frankly no longer deserve any consideration, which is why 1 in 3 of us moved on to consider the matter of whether the UK should be in the EU. In any case, a frictional position is far better in terms of long term future for Scotland.
  4. Brexit was never anything to do with immigration.  All that happens is that we get more immigrants from the commonwealth instead, the good thing about it was the stimulation of the unskilled sector, so that immigrants and the poor alike can actually eat.
  5. Whether the Tories are fighting or not is not really important given that the opposition haven’t been particularly effective, nor have they been remotely considerate of Scotland.

So now is the time for some action in terms of making sure that deal isn’t final.  A deal that suits nobody is utterly pointless.

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Effects of Trauma

It is most interesting seeing the effects of trauma first hand.

I am currently working with someone else who was put off the last banking project, and she is completely unaware that she has been replaced for no reason other than money squandering.

She remembers it as a fantastic place, with great money – she was clearly on the winning team at one point, as she actually got some overtime, and she also got some actual training at some point.  It is fascinating to see from this just how much trauma I experienced from that episode.

I do not know if she was on the same shift, I dimly recognise her, but I think I probably only saw her on her overtime days, which is probably why she is a) happy because she would have been getting an outrageous sum per day on those days and b) not traumatised because she had no extensive experience of the Staring Brats.

Needless to say, I do not wish to discuss it with her, which is going to be awkward as apparently we are all to be on the same team for the forseeable future.

Trauma colors everything.  You remember different things than when you are left alone.

It is not okay to have somebody staring at you for 12 hours at a time, keeping control of your wages although he is not your team leader, and poisoning every breath you take because he just cannot manage a conversation.

It is not okay to put a person like that in charge of people. I was not the only person he did this to. In fact my non-friend, that didn’t bother to let me know the story with Staring Brat 2  had to be pep talked into not walking out more than once because she was getting similar treatment in terms of the staring.

Anyway, this chick that I’m working with has no idea that her contract has just been terminated for no reason other than some poor management strategy that involves bleeding a major financial institution for as much money as possible for the next year or so.  In fact they have just had their contract lengthened, so presumably there is some reason that they don’t like having money.

Most interesting, and a lesson in letting go of trauma as fast as you can, because it literally makes you physically ill.

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Hard at work – notes for Wolfe

So right now I am working hard on the affordable range for ebay, the shoes, and the Supermix project.

I am planning to release Supermix in stages, and in small amounts. This is for two reasons, one is that it is in test marketing phase, and I want to iron out any potential problems before any significant outlay, and the second is that I want to talk to Wolfe about my supply chain when the game is finished, since I am rather confident that he will have significant input on both.

I am doing this now, so that I have another store or ten set up whilst I am doing further immediate work to generate more working capital.  This is to avoid borrowing or outlay that I would rather spend on the house.  I have a number of projects to do on it before any further aggression from the scum family, and I do not require any input from stupid people.

I am also setting things up in case I manage to land a regular public speaking gig, which I think will help with the Wolfe side of the project – no I am not trying to distract him from his children, I am entirely confident that we can cope with putting things on a more professional footing once the work is actually done.

Everything I have done so far has been groundwork, and there is significantly more to be done before any question of money arises.

I do realise Wolfe will find this astonishing, however we do have tortoise versus hare situation here, and my tortoise is moving significantly faster in some respects than his hare. I think so far I managed to get him into several arenas he would not otherwise have covered, and there is still more work to do.

For those readers who fail to understand this, I am neither a superfan nor a servant, I am employing a complex and large scale strategy which costs nothing and covers a lot of ground, in order to lay a foundation for a taller construction in terms of the eventual outcome.  If you don’t understand what that means, it is probably because your brain is under developed because you do not practise the correct exercises in terms of development.  It is of great importance that you balance any academic or self development work with a three dimensional sense of how it eventually looks, if you want to create more advanced strategies.

Anyway, I happen to think the outcome of the project is worth it, so it is important to get all this stuff done.

I want to get a series of business books out, they will be quite abstract, the work for Boris needs to be moved along, and I need the current range of more immediate products to be sitting advertising my brand before I even think about doing anything else.

I have three jobs alongside the contracts, that I would like to be doing on top of this, each for different but important reasons.  It is important to have contingencies in place, for one thing, but for another it is very difficult to create if you are worried about stupid mundane things like money.

So, reasonably happy with progress now that I lack distractions.  It is lonely and tiring – I fell asleep mid sentence earlier, but come the spring, I think we will be seeing some positive developments from the Ina Disguise project.


Much affection,






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On moving swiftly on …

We have been encouraged since the 90s to move swiftly on from almost anything, relationships, jobs, conversations even.  It is part of the disposability culture that we have been encouraged to adopt because it improves  consumption by a fraction of a percentage point.

I have touched upon this in a few previous posts.  Children are encouraged to want things you can buy from a very early age now, one product I am thinking of here is ‘My first album’ which comprises of brightly coloured music for children in a thick plastic player.

This is training, and nothing else.  In order to support the political economy, you are to spend your life thinking of little else but what to want as the answer to any problem.

Likewise, the employment culture of forgetting any notion of ‘do ast thou would be done to’ and regarding people as objects, that I have seen rather too much of this year is a similar construct.  Although this was set up for business, it actually just fosters an atmosphere of vicious vanity, in that the vainest and most vicious thrive by eliminating others.

Interestingly, as we see from the fact I still have Little Shiva and my tiresome sister staring at the site, vain and vicious people do not actually move on.  Instead they continue to focus on the object of hatred in the hope of detecting more suffering.  They do this because they are unwell, and this is the only indication that they have that they exist.  Rather than self-reflecting and going off to do some self-development, they continue to check whether you have noticed them or not.

This is  not rational behaviour.  Rational behaviour would be to say – I have caused this person pain, I do not want to do  that again in case someone does it to me.  Irrational behaviour is to sit and stare at your victim hoping to inflict more suffering later.

There is nothing one can do, however.  The condition is incurable, so as the object of this behaviour, the only way to deal with it is to compartmentalise it and go and do something else yourself.

As we have seen from the case of Wolfe’s wife blocking me (see previous post), it is not always possible to move swiftly on, particularly when you weren’t trying to inflict any pain in the first place.  In this case, the correct course of action was to cry a lot and figure out what was wrong with me.  This introspective way of looking at it was correct, although it felt pretty bonkers at the time.  Not all reverberating thoughts are bad ones, even when you wonder why you are still thinking about somebody you don’t feel you ought to worry about at all. (when I say I love Wolfe, it does not mean that we get on particularly smoothly or that I want to be with him 24/7, it means that he is a rich source of personal inspiration and at times joy.)

So, having said all that, whilst I do not agree that moving on from every problem is a solution that is useful – some things are learning experiences, even if they don’t seem like it at the time – it is important to figure out whether your obsessions are useful.  If they aren’t producing anything useful to you, chances are they are not.


The new job is another long term temporary contract.  I actually want another one that is coming up shortly, but whether I will be considered for it is another matter.  In any case, now I can afford the time to think about it, I have three baby businesses to think about.

Four major pieces of writing are being worked on at the moment, I will speak to you once they are in draft form.  Until then I haven’t got the time, sorry.


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I have no intention of seeing or speaking to either of you again so I do not know why you insist on sitting staring at the site.  I know you think it is threatening but it actually just makes you look a bit tragic.

Go and do something more useful.



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the Frankfurt Book fair and other stories

Apparently I am currently at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Several people in the publishing industry have mentioned that I am there.

I don’t feel as if I am there, and it looks to me as if I am not there, so I am not sure how this works, but okay.  Happy fair!

In the meantime, I have just been given the go ahead for the Supermix venture and landed a surprisingly well paid job.  Waiting to hear about another one, and I am working on the new line for Ina whilst still doing  contracts across the globe.

You would think this means I am busy, but not really.  The global work is such that I can put things down and sew whenever I feel like it.

On recent experience, this is about as good as it gets. I am now getting the American Tax problem sorted so that I can publish books for actual money next year as an experiment.

Still a bit ditsy but I will be taking the weekend off now to prepare for my next appointment.

Just got to thinking about the last year and I was quite shocked about the amount of crazy behavior from people, most of whom still have control of staff.  This is very worrying.

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New work surprise

Oddly, I have picked now to work on some entirely new stuff.  I am not sure why this is but okay.  It is smaller and more affordable than some of the previous stuff, which in any case needs some updating.

The designs on the original Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing collection are fine, and they are nice, but they do need some alterations for wearability in some cases.

Also, I think Tatler was right and some of them are really just very unusual sculptures, perhaps for a fashionista, so some rejigging will be taking place when some of the new stuff is done to fill the fashion page.

I am doing some work for some very large companies at the moment, and the time and money wasting is ferocious, which makes me feel a bit sick.

Instead of making basic decisions about simple things, apparently once you become a sufficiently wealthy brand, you exploit people in other countries so that you can then waste the money they should have had on employing teams of meaningless consultants, who then squander hours and hours of your staff’s time asking them simple questions with a view to drawing obvious conclusions and reporting back to you.

Needless to say, I do not feel I missed out on anything by not working for such companies over the last decade.

The star of the show so far has been a Chinese lady, who solved the company’s quandary in two sentences.  Excessively well paid Indian managers are more concerned that they will somehow be punished for being remotely creative, and so I have seen a few sweats break out when they fail to ingratiate for a millisecond.

I can’t help but think this is not good for either business or the economy, but who is going to stop it if nobody is willing to stop gawking at brand names?

Anyway, more news coming shortly I suspect,



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