This is the Haram Bawbag again, the name was because he talks like a ned as he learned English in the East End, for some bizarre reason. The wistful staring at the unfinished table is hilarious, given how horribly he behaved.

Speaking of which, Little Shiva is also a coward who takes no responsibility for his actions.  This does not bode well for a management career or anyone who is unfortunate enough to work with him.

Still feeling pretty disgusted with how vile people are. Sewing.

My less progressive friends tell me that this is because they are brown and from backwards countries.  I am looking forward to meeting someone to prove that wrong.




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Finally cured – Little Shiva

I finally plucked up the courage to unblock Little Shiva, and I was fortunate to find some photos from 19 hours ago.

He is perfectly ordinary.  Either the year has not treated him well, or he is putting on weight again.  Back in Ilford I see.  One of you is still obsessed with last summer, I am not sure which one as I still get hits about it from Edinburgh and London.

The chair, however is not at all ordinary, and is going extremely well.  I will send him and his wife a pic of it when it is done.

Apart from that, seriously considering quitting one of the jobs due to generalised discontentment. I am tired of pretending to be nothing to suit the TV watching population.

Not feeling like writing at the moment, so I am sewing like crazy in an effort to get the chair done this year and move on to other things.

Ah well, another apathetic cure for enthusiasm.  Life is not very interesting or special any more. It could have been so much better. I would have liked to be in a different place emotionally.


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Joy is Power

Well, since Twisty was too frightened to participate in No Glass Walls, and despite making every effort to meet useful people in the last year and a half or so I have thus far failed to find anybody or get to know them well enough to ask, I have decided to abandon it and start a new project.

This is not for want of effort, I am a nice person,  despite being a very large personality with great leadership skills, I seem to frighten little people.

The inspiration behind my latest work Haram Bawbag, was a case in point.  He made a series of erroneous assumptions, and when these all turned out to be incorrect, attempted to depress me into playing the little woman.

Those readers who have met me, and quite a few who have not, will know that this strategy is not likely to meet with much success.  All he has achieved is making himself look sexist and racist.

Apparently women are not to use power tools for some reason.  Why a penis is required to use a sander is anyone’s guess.  It could have something to do with the owner of the penis making that assertion, but I couldn’t possibly say.

Anyway, it looks as if campaigning against racism should really be focusing on non-white communities as far as I can see and from recent experience.  There is still a lot of work to be done on women’s rights as well, so why we have to insult ourselves looking at free the nipple campaigns when many countries view women as basically punch bags for poor male self image I do not know.

Joy is Power.  When someone tries to take your joy, they are trying to take your power.  Don’t let it happen.

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Welcome home to Glasgow Little Shiva

Good to see you  back in Glasgow.  I have no idea where you are or why you are here, but I see you are here from the hits.

I am doing a bit of work on the website and car today, I think it is time to stop messing about and prepare for the necessary publicity when the chair is finally finished.

I will be bringing out a couple of small item collections before then, but it’s all good.  I think it is time for a bigger statement.

He is very beautiful.  Look out for him, chickies.

You will find a picture of Haram bawbag on the Interiors page and I have updated for tablet, if you want a laugh.


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Haram ya bass


This is the sad story of a piece that will not be together.  It will not be together because the dude I was making it for was yet another titanic dickhead, which ironically is what the piece was about.

As you can see from the tabletop, the fact that the tabletop will never meet the base is not entirely surprising.  A seasoned viewer will also note that it was the story of a fractured relationship, so it is entirely appropriate that the tabletop will now be used for other things.

It is about 66 percent done, the tabletop is to get some glass, and a few bells and whistles for the edging, but progress so far is encouraging, and I put a few smart food gags into the design.

The Base was a bit further on than the pic by the time I abandoned it, it had some interesting fabric work and the leaves were more prolific, the embossed design had been started, despite the efforts of the prospective owner, who became oddly jealous of it, not me, but it, and started doing things like metal grinding next to it, which caused a bit of damage, but nothing that particularly bothered me, since the thing was being done to enable me to get to know the dude in the first place.

Get to know him I did, and it was not a pretty sight.  I have trusted people in the past when they have been in trouble, but I am afraid my faith was in error this time.  It proved impossible to be friends with a person who doesn’t know what that is.

Anyway, I will use the tabletop for other things, and the unfinished base, which is not really suitable for purpose since I did not get to secure the work from the inevitable ravages it will get sitting in a public place.  It should have had several finishing coats to make sure it was health and safety suitable, but now probably wont last terribly long.

Shame, but it was probably haram anyway.


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Another Chapter closes

Well it is almost time to write up another adventure.  I have moved onto the tongues which form an important part of Little Shiva’s chair and have completed the metallic elements of the lining.

Now there will be several months of very careful resin and beadwork, and I am taking great pains to look for authentic elements to add to the exterior as I slowly construct the thing.  It is a very expensive and heavy piece to make, so it is important to get it right.

I have abandoned a piece of work I was doing for a person I mistook for a friend.  He was very unpleasant.  Really the last two years have consisted of having increasingly unpleasant people trying to interfere with my life, and I am a bit tired of it, although someone commented today on how unusually happy I am so evidently it doesn’t show.

Evidently letting go of social convention makes you happier.  Who would have thunk it?

I have no idea why I am so attached to Little Shiva, as he wasn’t a particularly nice person.  I am finding, however, that I am measuring people against him which is neither fair nor a particularly high bar in terms of whether they are nice or not. I am a bit fed up of people who are not nice, so I think I need to work on that. I really liked Little Shiva.  It is a shame that he evidently didn’t like me, but that’s life.

This last drama has involved spoilt rich people spending money on bullshit and ripping everybody off.  I have scraped these people off my shoe and am moving on to better things.


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The Worthless Rich

I told a very rich man he was worthless today.  He laughed hysterically as if this could not possibly be true.  He does not understand basic values.  As such he is the poorest person I have ever met.

He has managed to get himself into a spot of bother here, as he does not understand the culture he has been living in for over a decade.  He believes that people are taken in by his bonhomie.  He is mistaken.

So that is how I have spent the last few weeks, providing friendship for someone who does not understand what it is, and providing free artwork for someone who neither understands nor values it.  I have wasted time I could have spent on something worthwhile.  I was mistaken.

Dem’s the breaks.  In the meantime Little Shiva’s piece is going very well.



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Artwork News

Well I appear to be heavily involved in doing some public work at last, so things are pretty busy at the moment.

Little Shiva, who is still watching the blog very closely despite my having selfishly neglected updating in ages, will be happy to know we are reaching the end of stage one of the chair.  In a week or so I will be starting the next part, which is  the shell.  You are very loyal in your own funny way.

Then it will be the tongues, and the shell will take a couple of months to build.  I also have to make the windows and find something for the base.

W0rking crazy hours at the moment and hoping to launch the superfood soon, although I will probably do it under another name.

I miss you.


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Progress Report

Little Shiva has elected not to bother speaking, so I guess he intends to check the website daily forever whilst not having the balls to actually speak.  You don’t either get what you want or move on that way, sorry.

The lining is now looking okay, although some adjustments to the base design will have to be made before waterproofing and preparing it for the windows.

I also have to do the tongues, which will take up quite a bit of time, and given the weight at this point, I think I will have to think quite carefully about where to resin it.  I do not want it stuck in the studio forever because I cannot get it out of the door!

The base of the egg, which I will be working on from next week, is still in the early stages, and the carpet parts have not been done yet either, which is holding up other work as I want the chair to be the new centerpiece of the collections.

I still haven’t located something strong enough for the base of it.  I will work on this once I am working less than 15 hours a day.

Still lonely.  Time for a new direction. I have an excellent idea for a new story.

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Religion and Morality

Well this last year has been quite educational.  Only having spent much time with athiests I had not been around religious people much at all in recent years.

This year has changed all that, we have had the evil Hindu, who was actually the most morally upstanding of the three.

An immoral Christian, who apparently found it pleasant to attempt to commit adultery whilst telling me how inferior everyone else was.

A polygamist Muslim, as a person my favourite at the moment.

Of all of us, I with no practised religion, actually come out on top for moral behaviour, although it is interesting how Asian and Middle Eastern people see morality.

It all seems terribly Catholic to me, the idea that your fate is in God’s hands, so there is very little you can do about being a weak little human.  Almost as if your religion is an excuse.

Oddly, in terms of doing the right thing, the evil Hindu wins.  The Muslim, whilst a far nicer person, is more arty about it, finding flowery reasons for things that I can only dream about, and the Christian was a dismal failure.

For my next trick, I will be going out into the wider community for a large scale project designed to solve a number of problems at once.  Ina will not be joining me on this trip, although I now have several useful skills.

I want to hear from Little Shiva aka Staring Brat 2. or You don’t have to talk to me in person unless you want to.




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