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Without confrontation, there is no progress.


ina disguise

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The story of Ina Disguise

Ina Disguise started with an insult.  Ina tried to give this piece of artwork to someone that she had been writing a book for, who would not speak to her.  He refused it, not even personally, without even seeing it. Normally Ina would become depressed, shut herself in her house, and persuade herself that she was somehow at fault for someone else’s inadequacy.

Not this time.  Ina, at the mercy of stupid and selfish people for most of her life, started writing, and sewing, and growing.

Ina Disguise represents empowerment, shameless self-promotion and rebellion against self doubt. Nobody should tolerate being undervalued.

You will find books, many free, on the books page.  You will find surreal art handbags and interior objects on the products page. Ina’s work, when she finally promoted it, was shown in GQ and Tatler. A shy, overlooked and rather caustic geek is apparently rather talented.

This year, Ina is working on writing, game development, and new forms of educational media. Some of these will also, inevitably, be free.  Stay tuned for some of that. It will be available later in the year.

All this because some dumb guy thought it was OK to assume she didn’t matter.  Ina Disguise matters.  You matter.  You are welcome to take a stroll through the blog, on the news page, for updates a few times a week, take a book, experience some artwork.

Take a few minutes or hours to make a difference. If you can’t find anything else to inspire you, helping out with either of the projects below will cost you nothing but time. Welcome to the quiet rebellion. We hope to be noisier as we progress in our journey with you.


Ina Disguise